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More than 700 historians sign letter calling for House to impeach Trump

As a fellow historian there are many on this list and in the field that I hold in high regard. The trust I have in their judgement is unquestionable as people that have dived deep into the history of this great country.

From The Hill:

A group of more than 700 historians urged the House of Representatives to vote to impeach President Trump, writing in a public letter that Trump’s disregard for the rule of law represents a “clear and present danger to the Constitution.”

“It is our considered judgment that if President Trump’s misconduct does not rise to the level of impeachment, then virtually nothing does,” the scholars write in the letter, which was shared on Medium by Protect Democracy, a nonprofit advocacy group.

The letter comes as the House prepares to move forward with a historic vote on articles of impeachment against the president. The lower chamber is expected to vote on articles charging Trump with abuse of power and obstruction of Congress on Wednesday. 

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