Many Libertarians Showing True Colors in Defense of Trump

The Trump Impeachment process has many people showing their true colors in his defense, and one group that has risen above the rest are the Libertarians.

I can think back to 2016 when Donald Trump ran for President and how the Libertarian movement was united against his Presidency. This website made a name for itself during that time by taking a hard line against a tyrannical candidate in Trump. We spoke the truths and exposed the many flaws in his rhetoric and campaign promises. Gary Johnson recieved the most votes any Libertarian candidate has ever gathered in a Presidential election. Libertarians stood on principle and railed against the abusive nature of Trump and his policies.

Now, flash forward to 2019 and an epic Constitutional argument is ensuing. One that features an idea that the President of the United States cannot use a foreign power to influence an American election. We have a President that used the leader of another country for his benefit to take down a political opponent by forcing them to investigate his top rival for the office of President.

In an ordinary world, a true libertarian would not stand ideally by as a tyrannical leader like Trump would ignore the very foundation of the Constitution and the will of the founding fathers that warned against foreign influence in our country and our elections. But, here we have a group of Libertarians that are coming out with a full-throated defense of one of the most authoritarian Presidents this country has ever experienced.

Most sane Libertarians are baffled by the mere suggestion what Trump did was within his powers under the Constitution. 20 years ago we tried to impeach a President that got a blow job, and after the civil war we saw a President impeached for side-stepping Congress. Here in 2019, we have an actual case of high crime as defined by the Constitution and these specific Libertarians are turning away as Trump continues to abuse the powers of his office.

As Libertarians we should not stand by as a President of the United States goes outside this country to have a foreign leader give him a political edge and ignoring the Constitution in which he deemed as phony.

Instead we have many Libertarians masquerading as Republicans and ignoring their principles and consciences.

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    • Scott, do you ACTUALLY believe that tearing children from the arms of their parents and then throwing the entire family into jail is “libertarian”? Seriously? Do you you understand ANYTHING about what it means that your authority ends at your property line?

      I recommend you don’t vote Libertarian… Please, don’t associate with us. We don’t need or want Collectivists like you in our ranks… at least not until you understand what Individualism actually is.

  1. There isn’t an argument to be found in this whole article.

    Not mentioning the “whistleblower” is from the CIA is a huge omission.

    Just calling Trump a tyrant, and ignoring every tyrant before him, is dishonest and lacks context.

    This article is the *Autistic screeching” meme come to life.

    Just horrible. And the typos! Yeesh!

  2. This article shows that libertarians are as resolutely doctrinaire as the most committed Communists.

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