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Rand Paul Has Sold Out to the Republican Establishment

Woke up this morning and turned on CNN’s State of the Union with Jake Tapper to see Senator Rand Paul discussing the impeachment of President Donald Trump. The first thing that came to mind listening to this interview is wow! Paul has sold himself out to the Republican establishment.

Once a vocal voice of reason and independence in the United States Senate Senator Paul has started to change is tone drastically with his defenses of President Trump. His Libertarian standings are still on par, but his inability to be a voice that stands up to the establishment like his father is making him more like a Republican goon.

His full throated defenses of Donald Trump is showing that he power is more important to him than principle. More than likley he is gunning for a cabinet post in a second term and that is the mere idea that his family has stood for. His father would never have compromised his principles for a shot at a federal job.

Too many times we see vocal politicians sell themselves out to their leadership either they are scared of losing election or there is something else there for them. Ever since the election of Trump, Paul has kissed the feet of the President.

See the interview with Jake Tapper and see for yourself.

Paul brushed aside Tapper’s comments by bizarrely linking the convictions as part of a “Russian conspiracy” despite the fact they were handled by Trump’s Justice Department.

Pressed again and again whether the president cared about corruption, Paul went off on an extended rant about foreign corruption, complaining about the U.S. giving foreign aid, and refusing to let the CNN host get a word in edgewise despite occasional pleas from Tapper to answer his question about Trump in particular.

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  1. If you are truly concerned about the Constitution then you would be outraged at the ridiculous nonsense the power elite are using to unseat a duly elected President whether you like him or not. You would also be appalled at the deep state tactics of using the intelligence agencies as a coup to unseat a President .

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