Fox News Poll Shows Over Half Americans Support Trump Impeachment and Removal

As the House of Representatives prepares to impeach President Donald Trump making him the third U.S. President to be impeached, the big question is do the American people support this effort to indict and remove Trump from office.

According to a new poll conducted by Fox News, half of the American voters want President Trump impeached and removed from office. According to the poll, another 4% of voters surveyed nationwide say the President should be impeached but not removed from office, and 41% oppose impeachment altogether.

According to the poll, 53% of voters say Trump abused his power, 48% say he obstructed Congress, and 45% think that he committed bribery. Sixty percent of voters say it is generally wrong for Trump to ask leaders of foreign countries to investigate political rivals which is the backbone of the impeachment charge.

This does not sit well with Trump’s case against his impeachment. The support of the American people gives credibility to the charges and possible removal. The Senate trial will be able to expose more information through witness testimony and cross examination.

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