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Justin Amash: The Last Real Politican in America

Currently the House Judiciary is debating the Articles of Impeachment against Donald Trump. The Democrats and Republicans keep going back and forth giving caned speeches to a room full of cameras that is all partisan in nature. The Democrats want Impeachment and the Republicans don’t.

There was a time a couple of months ago that a Republican congressman called for the Impeachment of President Trump and he was laughed out of the party by men and women that would rather bow down to President Trump and then stand on principle.

Men and women of character and level headedness don’t exist anymore in Washington. Justin Amash learned this very well when he stood for his own conscience and left the Republican Party to be an independent and run for reeelction on that ground. Amash understands that principle is superior to party and it could very well cost him reelection to Congress.

Politicians like Justin Amash don’t exist anymore. Even though he and this website support the impeachment of Trump, it is apparent watching these hearings that both parties are out to benefit themselves and nobody other.

Yes, Trump should be impeached because he has no regard for the Constitution and the laws of his country. He would rather use his power as President to squash any opposition and use a foreign power to help him do just that.

Amash is different. In a recent article in the Rolling Stone here is why that is the case:

His central message, however, is not about the poisonous partisanship in Washington. It’s about putting his faith in the very people who came out to his town halls and chimed in on his (still active) Facebook page and Twitter. The typical voter, he says, isn’t as partisan as the politicians and consultants in Washington think. Amash believes he has more support in his district, not less, since he turned independent. That was true at the handful of events I attended, where the number of people who thanked him for what he’d done outnumbered the ones who criticized him for “betraying” the president.


When will another Amash come along to serve the people?

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