Justin Amash

Justin Amash Ready to Support Articles of Impeachment Against President Trump

With everyone thinking that the Impeachment vote against Donald Trump will be on partisan lines Rep. Justin Amash came out Friday suggesting he is ready to support three articles of impeachment against the President.

From CNN:

(CNN)Rep. Justin Amash said Friday that he is prepared to vote for three articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump, ensuring that Democrats won’t be the only ones to impeach the President when the historic vote hits the floor as soon as this month.Amash, a Michigan independent who left the Republican Party this summer after he backed formal impeachment proceedings, told CNN on Friday he would back three articles of impeachment: obstruction of Congress, obstruction of justice and abuse of power. He cautioned though he would wait to see the final language before ultimately committing to vote for them.”I think there’s sufficient evidence for all three,” Amash said Friday on his way to the House floor. “Impeachment is like an indictment. We’re just issuing the charges. The trial happens in the Senate. There’s certainly probable cause to issue charges.”

Even though Impeachment is always and has always been a partisan issue it is important when people on the side of the President support the process. Yes, Rep. Amash has been a vocal critic of the President and has left the Republican Party, but that shows the principle he stands on and not party loyalty. Amash supports the Constitution and takes his oath to defend it seriously.

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