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Impeachment Proceedings Are Necessary to Preserve the System of Checks and Balances

The past couple of weeks in Washington DC have been filled with the sounds of impeachment hearings into the conduct of President Donald Trump. While the country seems split down the middle from recent polling into whether or not it is necessary one thing can be concluded, the preservation of our system of Checks and Balances is necessary to ensure the continuation of our republic.

The fact is Donald Trump is not the right guy to be President. Does this mean impeaching him, it is hard to say. If he has committed a crime or committed an act that will damage the reputation of the office of the Presidency then it becomes necessary to begin the process of removal. Did Trump violate his oath of office by making deals with another country in exchange for investigations into his political opponent?

Well, when it is put that way then it doesn’t sound too good. Donald Trump has been a President that has viewed himself above the law. No matter your thoughts on him, his words and actions have put him in a place that is not conducive to your typical President. He says things that border the line of criminal and to him it doesn’t matter.

I actually applaud the Democrats for looking into his actions and dealings with Ukraine. Too many times over the past couple of years has this President thought he was invisible and has ignored every cornerstone of our country’s republican constitution. His philosophy on the office of President is far beyond the intentions of the founding fathers and he needs to be put in check.

Whether or not he should be removed from office, that is for the U.S. Senate to decide. The House will more than likely impeach him, and rightfully so. It is time for Trump to come back to earth and realize that our country’s founding principles will stand the test of time and he will not escape the grasp of the Constitution.

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  1. The future looks grim.

    Soon robots will do all the jobs. Americans will have the Internet implanted in their brains, will be tracked, and have exoskeletons that make them strong. Anyone who is too beautiful, fast, rich, or smart will be arrested or killed. The US will have equality like North Korea does.

    The only way to have any freedom now is to buy a sailboat or live in the Amazon.

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