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Trump promised to eliminate the national debt. It has risen by $3 trillion

The train of broken promises that has come from the sitting President has grown even larger. This time by $3 Trillion!

From CBS News:

President Trump pledged to eliminate the national debt within eight years. Almost halfway to his self-imposed deadline, it has actually increased.

The U.S. is $3 trillion more in debt than it was when Mr. Trump entered the White House. In nearly three years, it rose 15% — from $19.9 trillion to $22.9 trillion, according to the latest numbers from the Treasury Department.

So much talked has centered around impeachment of the President, but many fail to see the clearer picture. This is a man sitting in the Oval Office that has no idea what he is doing and is ruining the country for future generations to come.

Every President who sits in that office fails to take into account the financial burden they are leaving to generations to come. The national debt is the greatest threat this country faces. It is not some terrorist hiding in a cave in the Middle East, but rather our inability to be financial stewards.

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  1. So we elect dictators that can force congress to spend money even though 535 individuals dont agree?

    Article I, Section 8, Clause 1 of the Constitution…might want to read it!

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