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Justin Amash Weighing a Presidential Run as a Libertarian According to Reports

Rumors have started some time ago of Representative Justin Amash running for President under the Libertarian Party banner. With his outspoken criticism of Donald Trump and the GOP leadership Amash resigned from the Republican Party and has become an independent in the House of Representatives.

Reports are now suggesting that Rep. Amash is heavily weighing the possibility of running for President as a Libertarian.

A source close to Amash claims that he’s most likely waiting to see what his chances are of securing the Libertarian nomination.Video Player is loading.

“If I were to guess where he is right now, I’d say that he’s trying to make sure that he would walk into the Libertarian nomination without having to fight for it,” they said. “His worst case scenario is, he bows out of a congressional fight only to lose the Libertarian nomination.”


The time is coming for Amash to make a decision and start securing the support of Libertarian Party faithful.

The Daily Beast reports that numerous officials in the Libertarian Party have reached out to Amash’s camp to tell him that he would have strong support among the people that determine the party’s nomination. In addition, Nicholas Sarwark, the chair of the national Libertarian Party’s executive committee, claims that he personally told Amash he’s confident that he would be able to secure a nomination.

“I made sure he knows what kind of support he’ll get,” Sarwark said in an interview with The Daily Beast. “I have a good sense of the delegates around the country, where their heads are at, and they’re positive about him getting in. He would have at least that level of support and help in seeking the nomination.”


This site has been quite for sometime and that is partly because the Libertarian Party has done nothing exciting recently to promote themselves. With the possibility of Amash running for President we can guarantee that this site will become more active. It is time for real change in the Libertarian Party and Amash will bridge that gap between party members and libertarian minded people all across this country.

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  1. I would vote for Amash as I did Johnson. Any of the other candidates are way out of my conservative libertarian leaning and would vote for Trump. A respect those that refuse to compromise their strict libertarian positions, but as Reagan said he would rather have an ally 80% of the time, so if Amash runs and does not support 100% libertarian strict ideology, 80% is so much better than having Warren as president.

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