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Vermin Supreme Is What’s Wrong With The Libertarian Party

Credibility. That is the key word in American politics and sometimes the Libertarian Party loses it when they prop up candidates like Vermin Supreme.

About 95% of Libertarians know it is a joke to have a candidate like Vermin Supreme running under the party banner and then there are the 5%. The problem is that most of those 5% go to state and national conventions and then take some holier than thou argument that the Libertarian Party should be embracing ideas and candidates like Supreme.

Just look at his ideas and platform:

Free ponies for all Americans! (you always wanted a pony, right?)

Mandatory tooth brush laws. “Strong teeth for a strong America”-Vermin Supreme

Supreme is the only candidate pledging to fund time travel research. Vermin has promised that as President, he will time travel and kill the infant-Hitler with his own bare hands. (you don’t want the Holocaust to happen, DO YOU?!?). I know I’m against Hitler’s legacy as it currently stands, support Supreme 2016 to abolish Hitler from history!

If you think I am crazy wait until this article posts and watch the comments of support that will come from Libertarians.

Credibility is huge and yes, the other major parties have their loons as well, but I have never seen any of them wear a boot on their head and pledge free ponies for all of America.

The Libertarian Party is on the precipice of breaking a stigma that has been around for over 150 years, but they always stand in the way of themselves and we are then stuck with the tyrannical rule of the two major parties.

Time to abandon the wackos of the party and look to the future!

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  1. I agree! It’s almost as if the Libertarian Party is just a club of people who come together just to make the point that everyone should have the right to be free to live how they want, no matter how wacky or weird or rude, etc… instead of being a group of people trying to get members elected to offices that will protect and promote those very rights and freedoms! What’s the point if you destroy credibility with those behaviors? Being non-conformist is one thing; pink hair, no suits, etc… is one thing. Allowing people to actively participate (with the apparent blessing of the party) who come across as stoned or insane or politically ignorant is suicide for the party. Fine not to look or sound like the other guys, but not fine to sound like you escaped from a mental institution.

  2. Vermin Supreme won’t be the problem with the Libertarian Party until we get rid of the white supremacists, neo-nazis, and the pedophile lobby. THEN he can be the problem.

  3. I agree greatly. As much as people mocked Johnson and Weld in 2016, they at least were in a position where they came in as former candidates with some level of credibility (even if they chipped away at it over the course of the campaign). 2020 is perhaps the best chance the Libertarian party has, yet their candidate lineup looks like something out of a Saturday Night Live skit right now. There’s not a single credible individual running right now, and when someone who is LITERALLY a joke runs like this and practically becomes the frontrunner, noone can take them seriously. I say this as a Johnson voter in 2016 who currently could not fathom voting for any Libertarian currently running for the nomination. The Libertarians have good candidates on a local level. People like Jeff Matemu who actually have a platform and some experience and credibility. People like that are the ones the party should be propping up, not the most sensationalized people they can find. We want to be taken seriously by people, not seen as a joke. How are we to legitimately argue that Libertarians need to be in the debates to have more voices be heard and elevate the discussion with friggin Vermin Supreme as the nominee?

    • When the platform committee was struggling to maintain the uninspected entry plank–the one welcoming terrorists, parasites, infected cattle, ebola carriers–to sneak across the border, it was a scene straight out of 1920 Bolshevik speechifying. Tokyo Rose, the antichoice mercurochrome infiltrator cross dressing as Liberty, pressured as whip one slightly recalcitrant wimp attempting to rescue credibility and is now Committee-Chair-For-Life. The platform committee is packed with “former” communists now professing anarchism, antichoice religious bigots and whack jobs among whom the Vermin appears at the center of the bell curve. It was a repeat of 1980 when surrender communists migrated like locusts from the looter parties. That their plotting can be read in email is small consolation because of the megabytes of drivel, pettifoggery and glossolalia cocooning the whole process from intelligent scrutiny. The platform committee has also adopted Australian “preference” voting only six failed nations have experimented with to their regret. Their every move needs to be scrutinized and voted on by dues-paying members at large or we’ll be back to Ceausescu-style antichoice vote alienators like Bob Barr knocking us back down below 1% of the vote.

  4. Vermin is the best candidate. Libertarian candidates are losers. So sad to see them take themselves seriously when everyone else sees them as a joke. Why not support Vermin? He’s funny and generally correct about his stances.

  5. Vermin brings the right level of dignity to the farcical political process. The real LP jokes are Barr, Root, Johnson, Weld and the cargo cultists that dream of votes.

  6. Are Mr. Supreme’s ideas really that beyond the pale? Mandatory tooth brushing laws are just commonsense policy as oral decay leads to a host of other diseases and affects overall health of the citizenry. And, while colorfully rendered, a return to a horse-based economy would be both more ecologically friendly and more renewable than our current system while also improving national security and making us less reliant on gas imports from foreign powers.

  7. Vermin will be the 1st president to ever make good on all of his promises.
    Mark my words,
    the man is serious business
    and hes gonna clean up Barder Town.

  8. I’ve been around the LP for far longer than Vermin, and I can assure everyone the “news” media NEVER took us seriously. Kicking him out will not change that, but it WILL make us even easier to ignore, which isn’t a good idea.

    A lot of people at this point want the LP to have a “respectable” frontrunner. Screw that! I refuse to rule ANY candidate out ’till I’m on the ground in Austin. We have no obligation to choose anyone, and DEFINITELY no obligation to do it early.

  9. The GOP doesn’t take the White House seriously and sent thier joke candidate – I’ll send mine…

  10. So, since smart people talk about ideas, and LP candidates sign the NAP and run on the platform, what would you say are the bad planks and changes these vermin have perpetrated upon the platform? –libertariantranslator

  11. So what effect will Citizen Supreme have on the Party? Instead of losing by our usual crushing margin, we’ll lose by a slightly more crushing margin? We can’t get any fewer electoral votes than we usually get.

    The fact is, when I describe Libertarianism to acquaintances, they react positively and agree. They don’t see the connection between the philosophy and the Party. They see Republicans, religious lunatics, white nationalists, and the occasional pedophile. Now that decriminalizing pot is on the table with the Republicrats the Party has lost it’s one guaranteed draw.

  12. I honestly don’t understand why other libertarians don’t take Vermin seriously. I know some of his ideas are a bit ridiculous like the pony law. (Though I would like a free pony myself). But funding time travel could bring a huge boost to the American economy. There are obvious things (such as killing baby hitler which will have saved the US billions in costs fighting the war) but imagine markets around dinosaurs, or post apocalyptic fragments! Also the zombie thing is a good solution for climate change if it is possible.

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