A Libertarian’s Problem With The Libertarian Party

In February of 2016, I formally changed my political party affiliation to the Libertarian Party. The ideals of the party align with me to a high degree and the Republican Party had strayed far from the principles of Liberty.

Now that I have had time in the movement I feel I can make a strong analysis of the largest 3rd party in the United States.

First off, I have met and interacted with some of the most committed people that I have ever encountered. The thirst for Liberty is the highest within the Libertarian Party and the actions that some of these people show on a daily basis make me have faith in our future.

I started this site back in February of 2016 and have seen many discussions take place on issues and candidates. Many of these discussions have been meet with grace and dignity. However, there is one downside to debating with Libertarians. They tend to box themselves into their tiny little camps and can’t see the bigger picture.

Take the 2016 Presidential election cycle. With many great candidates running for the nomination different camps started to form and then the party faithful started to eat their own. Austin Petersen was the biggest example of this. He was attacked by many of the party elders of being too young and not supporting key LP principles.

On the flip side the Petersen supporters blasted the eventual LP nominee Gary Johnson of being some type of Libertarian lite.

Basically, the biggest problem with the Libertarian Party is their inability to agree with one another and cast aside the people that don’t fit in their camp as not real Libertarians. They go out there and eat their own instead of focusing on the bigger picture, which is spreading the message of Liberty and winning elections. In a nutshell Libertarians are getting in their own way and it is hindering the Liberty movement.

If you don’t agree with this assessment just head over to our Facebook page and read the comments on the recent story of potential LP candidates for 2020. It’s basically a feeding frenzy of Libertarians arguing about candidates and ripping each other apart.

The answer to all of this comes down to one idea. If the Libertarian Party wishes to be successful in American politics it needs to take a hard look inward and self reflect on the goals and visions they have for the promotion of Liberty. This new year can be big for them if they get off each other’s backs and unite behind one key idea.


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  1. I will check the Facebook comments, but wanted to comment here also. One only needs to look at the Republican party to see what happens when you “eat your own”. You end up with a populist that was a Democrat, became an independent, went back to the democrat party and then when he saw that party did not want him, he decided to pick the Republican party, at which time he used every attack mechanism possible to destroy the other candidates. And Democrats and unaffiliated voters went to the polls and voted in the GOP primary, thus supporting someone that was not a Republican at heart.

    But eating their own is what is common in todays society. Just look at any comments on any subject on Facebook. Being civil is not part of todays environment

  2. Imagine if you will piloting a 737 – one of the most complex machines mankind has ever devised – using nothing but a turn signal. Worse, you are piloting this machine with lives at stake. The system only registers input at regular intervals like 1 year, 2 years, 4 years, or 6 years. Of course, such a complex system is doomed to crash.

    The Libertarian Party adds a stop to the turn signal, but I’m not sure it is enough to manage a beast as complex as governance. While I support the LP over nearly any Democrat or Republican, I would suggest that people separate the success or failure of the Libertarian Party from Liberty causes. In large part, Liberty is winning and losing separate battles all over the political landscape. Drugs are getting legalized, asset forfeiture is under attack, and the nation is discussing options like ranked-choice voting. Cool! Socialists are on the march, the nation is bankrupt af, and we have a hard-to-break bombing habit. Bad!

    I sometimes feel the party would be more successful staging “marches” or “protests” on single issues instead of looking for politicians and evangelists. WE are the liberty movement. We should do the moving.

  3. Republicans should have wrote up a “Lessons Learned” after the last presidential election but I strongly think that they haven’t. They got schooled by an outsider. This was after they lost “bigly” in the past few presidential elections. If they are willing to learn, they should thank DJT for the tips.

    • I doubt the GOP learned anything. And had Trump gone up against a couple opponents and not 12+, I dont think he would have been nominated. He never got more than around 35% in the first few orimaries, while 65% of the vote was split between many. Had he only received 35% and two others recieved 30%-40%, money would have continuec flowing to the winners and Trump may have dropped out.

      But the GOP iwas awful in messaging and still is incompetent. They have always played defense to the democrats painting them in a corner.

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