The Future of The Libertarian Vindicator

For the many fans that have read our content in the past many are probably wondering where we have been. Well in short, life hits you and priorities take hold. As for me I became a father back in June and my world has been centered around taking care of my son Jefferson. I have neglected this site for the past 6 months and putting all my focus on him. 

Now that things have settled down for me and I am ready to bring The Libertarian Vindicator back in full force. This country has just gotten past the crazy mid-term elections and now we will be gearing up for the Presidential election of 2020. There will be many Libertarian candidates popping up in the coming months and we are going to do our best to make sure we provide fair accurate coverage of their campaigns. 

This site will also still focus on the issues the arise out of our crazy world. We will be making a push for volunteer writers to add more content and provide accurate coverage of Libertarian politics. If any of you are interested in providing some content for this site please email me at and provide a writing sample.  

The future of The Libertarian Vindicator remains strong and I thank the many of you that have been following our work over the past few years. 

Robert Bentley


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