Gary Johnson

Gary Johnson in Striking Distance of Winning a U.S. Senate Seat


In a recent poll conducted by NSON Opinion Strategy places Johnson ahead of the Republican by 18 percentage points — and 7 points behind the incumbent. The NSON poll of 932 likely voters has Heinrich at 35%, Johnson at 28% and Rich at 10%, with 26% undecided.

September 26

NSON/In Lux Research live polling results

932 completes

Heinrich:  35%

Johnson: 28%

Mick Rich: 10%

Undecided: 26%

Johnson who was the Republican Governor of New Mexico and two-time Libertarian candidate for President is on the verge of shaking up the political establishment in the American government. The idea of a Libertarian being elected to the U.S. Senate is something that will cause both Republicans and Democrats to rethink their strategies of gridlock and have to depend on compromise.

The Libertarian Vindicator is calling on Johnson’s Republican opponent to drop out of the race so he doesn’t steal votes from the obviously popular Johnson. For years Libertarians have heard that type of argument and now the tables are turned. If the people of New Mexico vote for the Republican candidate they are effectively giving the election to the Democrats.


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    • That’s right. The GOP is just like the CCP in that sense. They don’t really care about “America first.”

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