Trump Should Nominate One of the Following Libertarian Minded Judges to Fill Justice Kennedy’s Seat


Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy announced today that he will be retiring from the bench. This announcement paves the way for President Trump to appoint his second Supreme Court justice.

With such a historic opportunity here at The Libertarian Vindicator, we have compiled a list of judges that the President should consider for the historic seat and keep Liberty intact with this pick.

• Libertarian legal scholar Randy Barnett of the Georgetown Center for the Constitution;

• D.C. Circuit Court Judge Janice Rogers Brown;

• Former Republican Congressman from California Tom Campbell, currently Dean of Chapman University School of Law;

Miguel Estrada, a lawyer with the firm Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher;

• Law professor Jonathan Turley of George Washington University Law School.

There is always Judge Andrew Napolitano as well!

These choices highlight some of the top Libertarian minded judges in the country and the President should highly consider one of these options for his pick. They are sound legal minds and will protect liberty in this country.

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