Go Local. The federal government is dying.


Since my conversion from trying to make sense of the monster known as the federal government to a local government booster based on the constitution and liberty I feel strangely calm. The blight on the Potomac, Washington DC, is so out of control that in my view only a collapse will save it. The growing behemoth knows no restraint on its appetite for power and control. Into every facet of the citizenry’s lives and with Donald Trump in the big chair it promises to get even bigger. There are no fiscal conservatives in the swamp worth a damn. The anti-war representation in DC is non-existent. Liberty is dying through regulation and fiat. The tax cuts may increase the amount of money Americans can hold onto but it really is too little too late. The war machine grows, police departments expand, and rights are trampled in the name of safety. Not a good look.
Thus I have switched gears and will focus my limited energies on trying to shine a little light on the ever increasing federalization of local government. The obscene amounts of money thrown at compliant local government is the bribe. Take our money you take our orders. Through local school systems and local police forces the feds have invaded local autonomy. Once you take the money you are done. The federal bureaucracy takes control.
During the 90’s when Bill Clinton was the man the federal government decided to assist local school districts through the Department of Education with grants to make up for short falls in local budgets.
The short falls were a result of local districts trying out new ways of educating the children. More socially responsible programs, cultural enrichment, and an increase in social workers, psychologists, nurses and medications to keep the little mobsters in line were subsidized by grants from the Department of Ed. Only the grants were a one time thing. The mandate to meet the conditions of the grants are still in play. So local schools got a one time grant and a fixed cost which remains today. Setting in motion the need for local school boards to depend on federal subsidies just to comply. Peekskill has had its hand out ever since. Nice. The garbage that was attached to this money, cultural enrichment being one of them and one I am familiar with, caused more harm than good. An emphasis away from civics to social justice was done quickly, quietly and with little debate. The Superintendent and the school board all pitched this infusion of money as a good thing. It will lower property taxes. It never happened. Taxes went up, performance went down.
The Peekskill public schools are consistently ranked in the bottom 10% of all public schools in Westchester County. These numbers come from the Board of Regents which controls little Johnny’s education from Albany. More and more money is funneled into new curriculum, Superintendents are stuck in a revolving door, we have had 5 in the past 7 years. Senior Administrators as well leave after only 2 or 3 years. Meanwhile we have a top heavy administration with 2 million dollars annually in salary. They don’t teach a single class. Their function is solely to comply with the blizzard of federal and state regulations.
The police had their hands out too. In the 30 years I have lived in Peekskill the police department has doubled in size while the population has grown roughly 20%. New patrol cars, cameras, bullet proof vests, new federal software, all come with new ” partnerships ” with the federal cops. Drug sweeps, immigration sweeps, child predator sweeps all the new fangled technology and hardware is in full use. With the feds supervising of course. The feds have an uncontrollable appetite for monitoring everything. The only recourse the citizenry has at the local level is to refuse any and all cooperation with federal authorities and NEVER, ever take any money from the Land of Oz on the Potomac. This city can do that but it won’t. Not with the current cabal of socialists, trotskyites and nanny staters now in control of our local government. That can be remedied. At the ballot box.
The 10th amendment, put in place to obstruct federal interference with the states, recently thought dead, has been revived. Revived by none other than bolshevik Governor of California Jerry Brown, who is fighting the feds on immigration. That is a shot in the arm to the beleaguered 10th amendment that had been systematically dismantled by the left when state righter’s on the right were screaming about gun control or Obamacare. That is why the constitution is the supreme law of the land. It stands for freedom not political parties and their current agendas.

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