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I have been scrolling through Facebook this morning as I usually do and I see nothing has changed. The same people post the same types of information for all to see. It has been occurring to me lately that the federal government, always a hot topic on social media is genuinely corrupt and broken. A post by a progressive friend of mine excoriating the Republicans for some evil deed reminds me of how utterly useless the government is. All the feds and local governments do are sow dissension, hatred, and violence. And yet we still cheer them on. It is a social hysteria. A virus that has infected many. I have friends on facebook and in real life who run the political gambit from outright communists to alt right fascists. Yes, they are my friends and will remain so until someone does something to change that. Being a fanatic doesn’t change anything for me. It is who we are to a large degree. I live in a community that has all kinds of people, and we get along fine without any help from the government types. But when you scroll facebook, one would think the end is near. I’m not just talking about Alex Jones or Antifa. Everyday people who work for a living, raise their kids, go to Little League, are caught up in this frantic speed racing to proclaim the end is nigh. We can all see the results on Twitter, Reddit, and every media platform. The government knows this and will in short order turn these modern miracles of communication into little more than utilities, heavily regulated, profitable and utterly useless. That is the government role. Protection.
Currently, the hot topics include James Comey, the latest bombing of Syria, Zuckerberg in DC, Trump’s attorney getting a no knock from the FBI, and the President’s most recent outburst on Twitter. It wears you down, and that is precisely its intent. Beat the citizenry down with partisan drivel that is designed to frighten and cow the general population. Is it working? I think it already has. Most of us are caught up in it either by active participation in the charade while the rest of us become oblivious bystanders who still feel a constant sense of dread without knowing why. It seems our innermost fears and desires are linked to social media.
The social maladies that befall us all are on display for all to see via the social networks. For example, I never knew a friend of mine was so profoundly affected by whether or not James Comey is a liar or a patriot. Does it really matter? He was a career FBI man, and that is all I need to know. Whether or not he is a patriot is a ludicrous statement. He is a controller with a badge and an agenda. Keep the peace. That in my view is pretty far from being a patriot.
When the President orders a bombing in Syria, does that really keep me safe? Construction of a wall on the southern border that keeps me safe right? More cops in the clubhouse, investigating the President for treason that surely is important? Sedition in the halls of the federal bureaucracy needs to be rooted out so a half dozen investigations from a Special Council to a House Sub Committee are amped up and ready to go; that is the right thing to do. No? If I step back and look at this media blitz, it all starts to look like bizarro-world. It is impossible to keep up, so most of us pick our spots and dive in. There is something suicidal in this endeavor. So we stay with like minded people trashing the enemy. But what is the end game? We all have to know that victory is impossible. Unless we are willing to actually kill all our political enemies the fight will go on as long as there is a federal government running the show. By now anyone who knows me knows that I have no use for the feds. On any level. It is only through a great nobility of heart that I concede the need for some form of federal supervision.
There is an argument going on about just that. What is the role of the federal government? The Founders wrote it all down in the Constitution of the United States. It is no secret that the intent of the Founders has been manipulated to fit an agenda; whether right or left. Control, however, is the aim of these opposite philosophies.
Either you can legally have an abortion or not. Gay marriage is either legal or illegal. Drugs; good or bad? Guns or control? What is always missing in these arguments presented by the left and the right is the role of the citizenry. What about us? Both ends of the political spectrum have an answer: The mob doesn’t know what is in their best interest. Drugs are a crime if sold on the street so therefore we need control. It’s the law. Healthcare is a right; therefore, we must have money to fund this endeavor of universal healthcare, hence, a tax increase. We don’t want grandma thrown off a cliff. Illegal immigration produces crime thus more cops. MS13 is going to kill us all. Yet most of us go along. Why?
This argument has been debated ad nauseam by people much smarter then I. Books have been written on the subject. That is why I am a libertarian. I don’t know the answers. I do know however what is in my interest and what is in my interest is to leave everybody else alone and live my life unimpeded by the feds or the dictates of political hacks, snooping neighbors or social justice movements or love it or leave it types.
I am afraid that we have passed the point of no return. The government is here to stay, and we all just better make the best of it. The dreams of Madison and Jefferson are fading into history. It is not all doom and gloom. This nation has progressed far greater than any other country in history. Poverty has been eliminated in America. Diseases that once wiped out entire populations have been eradicated. We have instant communication, all manner of ” stuff ” to fill up our needs, clean water, fresh food, mobility, a device we can hold in our hands that stores every bit of information ever recorded in history. So why am I complaining? It is more about who gets to keep these achievements. The people or a select few of the elites who want to run the whole show, eventually leading in my view to a loss of all of it.
So James Comey, Donald Trump, the wall, drugs and the rest of it will continue to be debated on the social media platforms. Meanwhile, we fall deeper and deeper into the abyss of control and servitude, enhanced by illegal drugs just to cope. But the feds have an answer to that as well. You are nothing but a drug addict, but we can help. Either we put you in jail, or we put you in a state-run hospitable to ” cure ” you of your weakness. Nice. I feel better already.

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  1. That’s precisely how they (the infamous they) want us all to be…confused, uninformed, til we blow our tops, and cuss someone out! That stoops you to their level. They want us divided, to the point of actually killing one another, and I truly believe that is their endgame. A misinformation psyops campaign being carried out by unknown forces to divide us into chaos. The same shit happened in Bosnia, neighbor killing neighbor because one’s religion was different than the other. I was stationed there three years. You could see the bullet holes in the buildings where one neighbor was shooting at the other. If or when it happens here, God Forbid, it will be 1000 times worse.

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