The GOP/ Donald Trump Lack of Conviction Syndrome: The Jackson Reaction

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Wasn’t it just last year that President Trump dropped a bomb on Syria for a supposed chemical attack on it’s own citizens, only for his administration to admit months later there was no evidence Bashar al Assad ordered such an attack? Evidently, that little blunder didn’t damage Trump’s ego (nothing can) in going in for round two (ding ding). And when you think about it, it really does take a lot of ego to boastfully go against what you campaigned on (for the second time on this issue) and confidently think you will walk into term number two. But big egos often make little sense, and generate even less common sense.

Trump is now in a lose/ lose situation… and if he hopes he can pin blow back from this on Bolton, he is sadly mistaken. If he goes in, the many people that voted for him but promised to hold his feet to the fire will flip. If he does NOT go in, he risks angering his most hardcore base (who seemingly love war). I am hopeful however, inspired by the reaction from people of multiple political stripes reacting in the same way… by realizing this is NOT OUR FIGHT!!! But then again, what mainline GOP member doesn’t love spending OUR money on THEIR WARS?

Civil wars are a societal catharsis, a countries populous is too divided so they finally go to war, spill a bunch of blood, and then somehow reform their nation. (Sound familiar?) Interjecting ourselves into a conflict where we haven’t even been attacked where we will assuredly kill innocent civilians is dumb. With ISIS all but defeated, is he trying for the next model?

Newsflash Mr President; this is foreign policy – not the new iPhone!

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Governor Phil Scott of Vermont is en route towards two things… political irrelevance and a loss in 2018. Set to sign three gun control bills (the worst of which being S.55), Governor Scott stands in stark opposition to his own promises when he campaigned in 2016. In a state known for having the loosest gun laws in the country (and in turn, is one of the safest), every attempt to create this legislation has failed. Supposedly moved by a thwarted school shooting here in Vermont, Scott has apparently as much conviction as Trump… makes you wonder if he is really a ‘Never Trump’.

Governor Phil Scott signed the bill today. (Which makes him the second ‘Governor Scott’ to go against his own promises on defending the Second Amendment.)

The King.. er… I mean ‘mayor’ of London has (or soon will) make knives illegal in London. The logic is that this will decrease the amount of stabbings in London. Makes sense, obviously the ones doing the stabbings are law abiding citizens and will surrender their knives. In related news, a pig sprouted wings out of his ass and flew to the mayors house to tell him what a fantastic job he is doing at keeping Londoners safe. Unfortunately, he (the pig) was stabbed by someone in Whitechapel who turned him into bangers.

In all seriousness, what a complete moron! Clearly, this mayor does not know what it is like to have a criminal pull a weapon on him. As someone who has suffered that fate, it’s fucking terrifying! But the one thing it taught me was to be prepared and willing when it comes to defense. So when that same criminal came for me again, he found himself on the wrong end of a shotgun. I never had trouble with him again.

In conclusion for this week, I would like to mention a recent article (and I can not remember where I read it) about Cynthia Nixon (star of Sex and the City) using her ‘celebrity’ to push her campaign. ‘Celebrity’ is not a platform. It is not a policy. If Miss Nixon wants to make this a popularity contest than fine, because I believe that New Yorkers are sick of being beaten to within an inch of their sanity by taxes. My only hope is that she ends up on the debate stage of Larry Sharpe, who is running for the governorship of New York as a member of the Libertarian Party. If you can, please donate.

And until next week, Cheers!

And live free…

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