French Polynesia Voids Deal With Seasteading Institute


Hopes of having the world’s first floating city have been momentarily halted as French Polynesian officials now state that the deal made with the Patri Friedman founded Seasteading Institute “was not a legal document and it expired in 2017.”

Citizens of Tahiti were concerned that the Floating Islands Project would promote “tech colonialism” and one local radio host “described the seastead as a cross between “visionary genius” and “megalomania” — an obsession with the domination of others.” He also claimed that the project was just an excuse for rich American to not pay taxes.

There were also concerns that the local population was not being consulted as a part of the project.

The Institute had announced the deal in January of 2017 of building a prototype as long as they could demonstrate that the floating platforms would not have adverse environmental affects and be a help to the Polynesian economy.

The estimated cost was around $15 million for a 20-30 person platform and at least $225 million for the proposed prototypes of the entire floating island with an additional $8 million to keep them running.

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