The Jackson Reaction: Battling “Libertarian” Socialism and Debating John Cusack (sort of)

I am goin to say something that I said in my first article for TLV… Left-Libertarianism/Libertarian Socialism is NOT libertarianism, and I give zero fucks if you’re offended by that.

To be clear, I am well aware that the word libertarian often has a much different meaning in other countries than the definition it enjoys here in America. That said, most of the people that I’ve spoken with in other countries regard the word in it’s American understanding. And it is with that, that we must be clear in our firm defiance of any entity that thinks seizing private property and the fruits of a persons labor is justifiable simply because it benefits any select collective. I believe we as American libertarians (American meaning the American definition) are bearing witness to the latest leftist incursion into any movement that seeks to free Americans.

I believe we are seeing the Rise of the Libertarian Socialist! (Seeing those words together makes my heart hurt).

I would like to also be clear (as I have been in the past) that left-libertarians are not the same as left-leaning libertarians. The former only believes in personal autonomy, the latter believes in everything your standard libertarian believes in, but votes with a greater emphasis on the social overlap that libertarians bear with the American liberal left. The last one is our ally and family, the other is part of the greater leftist threat that is every libertarians natural enemy.

So why am I bringing this up in this weeks column? Well, if you follow me on social media you might have seen that I got into a lengthy back-and-forth with a supposedly dank libertarian socialist ( I think he might have been a bit catty). His idea was that of the classic leftist one regarding business owners, property rights, freedom of association and of coarse…bigotry. Oh, and how supporting those things makes you, in turn, a bigot.

I don’t know what kind of drugs this idiot thought I was on, but I assure you, I don’t make enough money to afford drugs that good. Trying to convince a hardcore libertarian and capitalist that the idea of private property is ridiculous and anti-freedom is like trying to convince Rose McGowen that nobody other than a handful of divorced soccer moms give a shining shit what she says/thinks.

I don’t even understand what is confusing for him (hence, why I called him an idiot). If I put up the capital to start the business, buy the property and equipment, purchase insurance and do everything else that is needed to make a business successful, than what earthly reason can one give why I shouldn’t be able to run it as I see fit? Let us look at an example.

I just bought a 67’ Ford Mustang hardtop in black. I saved a long time for this car. I have another car, but it’s old and kind of gross looking. So now I have this, perfect for impending middle age. My friends car is in the shop for two days and asks to borrow the Mustang, knowing I don’t take it to work (there are ruffians all about where I work). It’s Wednesday, that means he will have it back for the weekend. Which is perfect (since the car doubles as a chick magnet). Friday comes but the shop didn’t get to fixing my friends car yet. My old car is on it’s last legs and I like keeping it around on weekends in case my dad wants to go for a cruise. He asks to use the old car, I politely say no. He asks if he can use the Mustang for a few more days, I politely laugh and piss my pants from the absurdity of the question.

The lib/soc guy would have you believe that my friend has a right to take my car by force. After all, I am discriminating. I’ve decided it’s not worth risking losing what I’ve worked for (which provides security for me and a fun release on down time) to help someone less fortunate (who might, in turn, break my shit). Of coarse the lib/soc would probably also tell you that they only mean that when it’s racial discrimination. Or faith based, or sexual orientation based… because that sounds better at first. Kicking in the doors of bigots and taking their shit is a much easier sell than saying I disagree with you and I will spread the word of your dastardly ways and do all I can to sully your name. ( Side note: I told a new follower on Twitter I would use the word sully in my column this week… it’s a good word.)

The problem here is that once you give up the freedoms that come with property rights, and then set the precedent for when they may be “rightfully” taken, it won’t stop there. (Because history has shown the state never gives back power to the people… at least not willingly.)

I think the problem here is that they (lib/soc peeps) WANT to believe in the free-market, but can’t stand the idea of someone losing out (because in a free-market, there will be losers). But I would rather the loser by fleshed out via an unbiased free-market than a very biased US government.

Last point on this subject, to any and all Libertarian Party members – know this! There is now a Libertarian Socialist Caucus within the party. We must spread the word my fellow libertarians, we must make sure the truth about freedom is not lost.

Finally, I was able to add another celebrity to the “I Blocked Bryce Jackson” list when I (confused by his gibberish) told John Cusack his views were delusional.

This is what he said in response. (It looks different than the other screenshot because he blocked me immediately after replying.)

Now, I am not confused nor surprised to learn that John Cusack is a gun-grabbing leftist. It’s Hollywood and I get it. And regardless of that, I am a huge fan. I love many of his movies. But I am genuinely concerned that ol’ Johnny Boy might have found a little something in the medicine cabinet… that, or he is a terrible speller. (Worse than David Hogg even!)

And that is it for this week, don’t forget to do three things… tip your waiter/waitress, high five someone (it is good for you) and live free.

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