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Breaking: Controversial Christopher Chase Rachels Book Cover Leaked


“White, Right & Libertarian”, the controversial manifesto of Radical Capitalist founder, Christopher Chase Rachels, that’s goal was to get libertarians to adopt Alt-right cultural ideas, had its original cover leaked.

The cover caused a stir within the Mises Institute and Hans-Hermann Hoppe who had originally written the foreword for the book, but had then pulled it after being informed of the cover. The incident also caused the Mises Institute to remove Rachels’ other book from their site and all information on him.

The author provided a full account of the incident with screenshots on the Radical Capitalist that includes screenshots of correspondences between himself, Hoppe and Mises Institute staff members.

The cover depicts a helicopter (whih brings forth images of Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet) with bodies hanging from it with symbols of feminism, Antifa, communism and Islam over their faces.


      1. “CCR is not a libertarian. He is not an anarchist. He is not a voluntaryist or a supporter of non aggression. He is an entitled, charismatic cult of personality that lacks empathy for others and lacks a consistent philosophical or value-based foundation to his view of the world. (What CCR wants to happen is twisted to become acceptable within the parameters of his ideology.) It has only been with the rise of the Alt-Right movement that he has been able to become so much more outspoken about his more problematic views- ones he once could only hint at among BRLP members 5-6 years ago.”

        BTW, funny that you mention gays, as it appears he is one, so I doubt that he would like to be called that word.


  1. I’m asking because the picture looks like it was quickly put together, including a blatant typo. I’d like to know if it’s Chase Rachels being sloppy (in addition to all his other wonderful “qualities”), or someone else, who’s illustrating the description, with this particular despicable image being heretofore misattributed to Chase Rachels.

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