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What Has Me Worried About The LP’s Future


This month has felt much longer than it was and it seems that news within the libertarian realm has been rife with drama. The obvious being Arvin Vohra’s inflammatory statements on the age of consent laws, but the general inter-party debating on the current Libertarian leadership and Adam Kokesh’s recent arrest and released statement from prison have added to what is looking to be quite the convention this summer.

And I don’t mean that the convention is going to be a wonderful event filled with productive business and Libertarian camaraderie; this year’s convention could be the most divisive yet in a time where the party members need to be planning for how to build on the successes of 2016.

But, when Kokesh states that “My opposition is the pro-pedophile Bill weld, who is launching his campaign unofficially this weekend with a documentary produced by a convicted pedophile,” despite that Weld hasn’t stated anything regarding pedophiles, and the discussion of the Chairman race seems to focus on who can defame Nicholas Sarwark and Arvin Vohra the best, I find myself worried that the libertarians are setting themselves up for a major failure over the next couple of years.

The unfortunate side-effect of all recent events has been a new divide between the radical members of the party and the more moderate-leaning ones. While we may disagree, the party must maintain its motto of being the party of principle. While the Republicans and Democrats bicker and cause the government to shut down because not everyone is getting what they want in the budget, we must show that the different factions of the LP can disagree while also finding ways to advance the ultimate goal of liberty.

Because we are a third party, we’ll always be held to a higher standard and finding compromise should be an ideal that is always sought. It can’t just be said that the Libertarian Party is better than the major parties, it has to demonstrate through our discourse, and our elections.

If this can’t be accomplished, then the party could very well have one of its worst presidential election cycles where even party members can’t back the candidates.

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