Libertarian Anti-Fascist Committee Returns From Facebook Jail

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The Libertarian Anti-Fascist Committee, a group formed to “[push] the Libertarian Party and the broader market libertarian movement in a more militantly anti-fascist direction, making fascists feel entirely unwelcome in libertarian circles, and working with other anti-fascist movements on areas of agreement in efforts to combat fascism outside of libertarian circles as well,” was recently removed from Facebook for a political cartoon displaying Ron Paul as a member of the KKK.

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As expected, this post caused quite a stir among the libertarian social media elites with Fakertarians accusing the LAFC of calling everyone they disagree with Nazis and white supremacists.

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Monday, the group was republished on Facebook after appealing the ban.

The LAFC has also claimed that the New Libertarian group is contributing to systemic racism and potentially white supremacy for a poll where most of the participants felt that the moderators should allowed racist posts in the group.

Tom Woods has also been a person criticized by the group for his statement on agreeing with Christopher Cantwell in 2014.

While many libertarians would be quick to see this group and label them radical leftists who cannot possibly be libertarian, the group has stated that they do not wish to align with communists.

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A Libertarian Anti-Fascist group may sound contradictory, but this could also be the perfect tool for the Libertarian Party to keep out those who wish to call themselves libertarian while holding authoritarian collectivist ideas on race and immigration.


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