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POLL: Who Is Your LP Vice Chairman Choice?


Update: There were two candidates for LNC Vice Chairman that we were not aware of and has been added to the list.

With last year’s controversy over current Libertarian Party Vice Chair Arvin Vohra’s comments on members of the military and his continuing trend of making controversial statements, the race for the new Vice Chairman is bound to be heated.

There are currently four candidates who have declared their intent to run: Libertarian Youth Caucus founder Trent Somes III, Iowa Libertarian Jake Porter, Larry Sharpe for New York Policy Director Alex Merced, Indiana Activist Joe Hauptmann, Libertarian Party Radical Caucus Treasurer Steve Scheetz, and Montana Libertarian Joe Paschal.

Information on each candidate can be found below:

Trent Somes III

Jake Porter

Alex Merced

Joe Hauptmann

Steve Scheetz

Joe Paschal
Please consider voicing your opinion on which candidate should become the next Vice Chairman:

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