Justin Amash Fires Back At Jeff Sessions With Bill


In response to Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ rollback of an Obama administration policy allowing states to legalize marijuana, Michigan Rep. Justin Amash claims he has the perfect weapon to stop the AG’s announcement: the Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act of 2017, a bill cosponsored by Amash.


The act would remove marijuana from the list of banned controlled substances and remove prohibitions on the import and export of marijuana products between states and countries. Hawaiin Rep. Tulsi Gabbard and Virginia Republican Scott Taylor were also cosponsors of the bill.

Since it’s introduction in February, it has also gained the support of Democrats Jared Polis and Earl Blumenauer, and Replubican Don Young.

Since joining the Libertarian Party in 2016 (after discovering Gary Johnson as a disaffected Bernie Sanders supporter), Luke Henderson has been active in the liberty movement through journalism, and political activism. At the beginning of 2017, Luke had his first piece of writing published by Being Libertarian and quickly became a contributor to the libertarian news site, The Libertarian Vindicator. Through the Vindicator, Luke discovered his passion for addressing critics of the philosophy and bringing together different factions of liberty lovers which compelled him to become an editor for The Libertarian Coalition, a forum dedicated to an open-minded discussion of libertarian ideas from all walks. After many guest contributions to Being Libertarian, Luke was asked to join the website as a contributor, where he writes his column Scoring For Liberty, which discusses sports, politics, and economics from a libertarian lens, and his Educator series that seeks to strengthen libertarian’s understanding of educational techniques and policy to better arguments against public education. Luke is one of the District 1 Executive Committeemen for the Missouri Libertarian party, and the founder of the Missouri Chapter of the Libertarian Positivity Caucus. Outside of politics, Luke is a paraprofessional for the Special School District of St. Louis, a musician, composer, and a loving husband and father.

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