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Zoltan Istvan To Run For 2020 LP Presidential Nomination

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Transhumanist author and current Libertarian candidate for Governor of California Zoltan Istvan, mentioned that he intends to run in 2020 to be the Libertarian Party’s presidential candidate during an interview with 71republic.

Istvan explained this while discussing his platform of providing universal basic income through land dividends stating “This is a totally libertarian idea, and it will be my platform for my 2020 Libertarian Presidential run.”

The libertarian has been under scrutiny since his announcing his gubernatorial run, with some claiming his ideas are too left-leaning and this author even claimed that he may not in fact be a libertarian (although after following his campaign, and reading his book The Transhumanist Wager, I have relaxed this view somewhat).

Using the non-aggression principle, Istvan believes that his views on government funding of radical technology is justified. “Libertarian transhumanists believe aging is a negative force—something that we did not invite into our lives,” states the governor candidate in defense of his view that aging violates the NAP.

While to some libertarians this may seem like a call for more government, the transhumanist also believes that citizens shouldn’t be taxed because “The age of robotics is upon us, and most government can be automated within a decade. Robots can fix robots. The government will eventually be totally machine run and will cost next to nothing.”

For more information on Zoltan Istvan’s views, readers can visit his website here.

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