Bitcoin Investor Roger Ver Reveals Plans For New Libertarian Country

1 a CEO and Bitcoin investor Roger Ver announced at the Nexus Conference, an event hosted by cryptocurrency platform Nexus Earth, a project to create a libertarian nation. The project called Free Society, believes that previous attempts at creating a libertarian society, Liberland or potential seasteading, have been unsuccessful and “[…] to really gain sovereignty, the most efficient way is to negotiate with an existing government.”

The new nation would contain a constitution once negotiations are complete and would not allow nuclear weapons or smuggling into neighboring countries.

Ver claimed to have already raised $100 million, mostly from early adopters of Bitcoin and Ethereum, with a goal of obtaining at least $500 million to be able to better negotiate with an existing government.

The investor has been called “Bitcoin Jesus” because of his investing in many Bitcoin related businesses, his multi-millionaire status through the crypto-currency and constant advocacy for Bitcoin.

Ver’s presentation at the Nexus Conference can be found below:

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