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Gary Johnson Biking from Canada to Mexico

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Former Libertarian Presidential Candidate Gary Johnson is currently biking from the Canadian border to the Mexican border in order to test his athleticism. The feat is called the Continental Divide which begins in Banff, Alberta and is completed in Antelope Wells, New Mexico, a span of over 2700 miles.

Johnson’s life leading up to his biking was intense training consisting of “eat, sleep, ride.” While most bikers take around 40 weeks to complete this event, Johnson is determined to finish it in around 30 weeks.

Johnson is a known athlete who enjoys challenging himself having climbed the seven tallest mountains in the world and completing four Ironman Triathlons. The former Governor has also biked 500 mile across New Mexico 17 times, making him quite capable to complete the Continental Divide.

Gary Johnson’s progress on his ride can be tracked at this link. I’m glad to see Gary Johnson continue being the upstanding individual dedicated to challenging himself and creating goals.

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