Austin Petersen

Austin Petersen To Make Big Announcement On July 4th


The former Libertarian party presidential candidate and CEO of The Libertarian Republic, Austin Petersen is hosting a 4th of July event, where he will make “a special announcement that will be of importance to liberty lovers both in the State of Missouri and around the Nation.”

This announcement is assuredly about his potential campaign for the United States Senate and whether he will be running as a Libertarian or a Republican.

The event will take place at the Stonegait Farm in Peculiar, MO. Liberty lovers can can be register for the event here.

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  1. Austin Petersen openly admits that he completely opposes the NAP! Considering that the non-aggression principle is part of the very definition of libertarianism, this means that Petersen is NOT libertarian. The fact that he will likely leave the LP and join the Republican Party is just another proof. Anyone who still thinks thinks Austin Petersen is a libertarian, does not understand what libertarianism is! This includes the Republican supporting “libertarian vindicator.”

  2. For the sake of the Libertarian party, and other Libertarian candidates running for public office, I sincerely hope Mr. Petersen declares as a Republican. No, we haven’t forgotten about his tweets. Yes, we still think he is a moron.

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