Donald Trump

Donald Trump Blames Constitution for Chaos of His First 100 days


by Robert J. Bentley

Following the pathetic beginning to his Presidency it seems that Donald Trump has a new enemy…The Constitution!

From The Guardian:

On his 100th day in office on Saturday, facing historically low popularity ratings, a succession of intractable foreign crises and multiple investigations of his links with Moscow, Donald Trump reminded the nation that 1 May was Loyalty Day.

The day is a US tradition dating back to the cold war, when it was a bolster to stop May Day becoming a rallying point for socialists and unionised workers, but for an embattled president learning politics on the job it has an added resonance.

In an interview with Fox News to mark the 100-day mark, he declared himself “disappointed” with congressional Republicans, despite his many “great relationships” with them.

He blamed the constitutional checks and balances built in to US governance. “It’s a very rough system,” he said. “It’s an archaic system … It’s really a bad thing for the country.”

Mr. President…this is exactly why we have a Constitution! To stop tyrants like you from gaining too much power.

It is quite funny to see an outsider like Trump learning the powers and restraints of the government our founding fathers set up over 200 years ago. They should be proud of themselves!

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