Judge Andrew Napolitano Fired From Fox News? Austin Petersen Breaks Down the News

News broke last night that Fox News has pulled Judge Napolitano from its network for comments he made about the Trump wiretap claim.

Sr. Judicial Analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano has been placed on INDEFINITE suspension in light of unverified comments he made regarding the Obama administration allegedly spying on then candidate Donald Trump. Fox News has thrown Judge Nap under the bus, arguing that his claims are unsubstantiated.

Austin Petersen took to the air last night to break down the story as it was developing. Check out his analysis:

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    • Wow! And they wouldn’t fire Megyn Kelly? Shows that FOX really does lean far left – prefer watching OAN myself

  1. If Judge Nap has “sources”, what’s the problem? If he refused to reveal them to Fox, that’s his right. Fox “cannot confirm” only means that Fox does not have sources.

  2. What a great mistake to fire or even put the Judge on a leave. These politicians are so dirty and who the hell knows how many agents Obama had control over that would do his underhanded tactics. We know the agencies (CIA, NAS and the other letters) are corrupt and what we don’t know is how many he controlled over. The Judge gave us a look at a possibility from his years of dealing with the intertwined corruption he’s seen in he great service to this country and countrymen. We are willing to look and think about going down a rabbit hole to see if the truth is there, why aren’t you at the top of Fox? We all know this corruption is real, what we don’t know are it’s far reaching tentacles.

    • I totally agree,now that nunnes came yesterday, we can only hope that bring him back. You know humble pie is a bitter sweet pill to swollow

  3. OK Fox you should bring the Judge Back with apologies. I was hopping you understand what the hell is going on but you instead wimped out. The Judges history demonstrates he right on setting the news right.
    all it did was tell me that FOX can make mistakes also. Please do not through you total credibility in the toilet.

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