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President Donald Trump: Issue a Full and Complete Pardon of Edward Snowden


The last days of the Obama Presidency saw the comutation of Chelsey Manning, who was sentenced to prison for passing governmental materials to wikileaks. However, the final days of the Obama Presidency did not do what millions of Americans wished when they signed a petition on the White House website. A full and complete pardon of Edward Snowden for his patriotic act of whistle blowing on the government spy program run by the National Security Agency.

Therefore, we have put together another petition on the White House website to solicit a response from President Trump. We are calling for a full and complete pardon of Edward Snowden from the new administration in order to bring this patriot home.

From our Petition on the White House website:

Edward Snowden is a young American who became aware of a mass surveillance system that had been growing secretly for years without democratic consent. At great personal risk, he blew the whistle.

Thanks to his act of conscience, America’s surveillance programs have been subjected to democratic scrutiny, the NSA’s surveillance powers were reined in for the first time in decades, and technology companies around the world are newly invigorated to protect their customers and strengthen our communications infrastructure.

Snowden should be hailed as a hero. Instead, he is exiled in Moscow, and faces decades in prison under World War One-era charges that treat him like a spy. Ed stood up for us, and it’s time for us to stand up for him.

Stand with us and get your friends and family to sign this petition. Demand that Trump hear the voices of millions.

Vist the link below to sign your name:


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