Federal Department of the Future? How About More Wasteful Government Bureaucracy!


I just read an article in The Politico that suggested the United States needs a new cabinet-level federal Department of the Future. There are many interesting points that are laid out in the article that suggests the federal government needs to invest in our changing world.

We are standing on the precipice of life-altering technologies — self-driving cars, genetic editing and artificial intelligence — and the CEOs of the world’s most successful companies understand that long-term success depends on harnessing these new tools. Companies are establishing units within their organizations and staffing them with smart, interdisciplinary thinkers whose sole job is to forecast what’s over the horizon. They are an essential part of the core business, not outside advisers.

A Department of the Future with a secretary at Cabinet level-rank would perform the same role for the federal government, leading evidence-based research, coordinating scenario planning across agencies and informing policy.

While this all sounds interesting and maybe to some people necessary it is quite far from anything we actually need as a country let alone the fact that we can’t afford to really keep the lights on as a government.

Our National Debt is currently approaching $20 Trillion and we are reading an article about a Department of the Future? It seems that our future is quite bleak with that much debt being handed off to our future leaders.

Government’s biggest problem is themselves. Instead of trusting free enterprise and entrepreneurship we have major news outlets suggesting that the government step in and take control.  A free market is a thriving place of new ideas and inventions.  That needs to be left alone in order to thrive. The government has historically made things worse by interjecting into these issues and now we are talking about some absurd cabinet department with no actual meaning. We already saw that with the Department of Homeland Security.

With Donald Trump taking over the Presidency we are about to see more absurd sideshows like this Politico article is suggesting. What more can our government do to screw things up?


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  1. Isn’t it Congress that is supposed to manage our government and our country’s future? Isn’t that what we elect them to do?

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