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Union Leader of New Hampshire Endorses Gary Johnson Over Donald Trump


The game is starting to change and it is apparent over the past week as Gary Johnson has racked up his third major newspaper endorsement. This time the Union Leader in New Hampshire for the first time in 100 years will not endorse a Republican for President but rather the Libertarian nominee.

From The New York Times:

When Donald J. Trump returns to campaign in New Hampshire on Thursday, he will be greeted by a familiar, if unwelcome, sight — a blistering attack on the front page of The Union Leader.

After assailing Mr. Trump on a regular basis leading up to the state’s primary, the venerable Union Leader, a conservative bulwark for generations, is now going a step further: For the first time in over 100 years, New Hampshire’s largest newspaper will not be endorsing the Republican nominee for president.

“The man is a liar, a bully, a buffoon,” wrote Joseph P. McQuaid, the Union Leader publisher, of Mr. Trump in a signed editorial. “He denigrates any individual or group that displeases him. He has dishonored military veterans and their families, made fun of the physically frail, and changed political views almost as often as he has changed wives.”

Rather than picking between what Mr. McQuaid termed “the lesser of two evils,” The Union Leader has bestowed its endorsement on Gary Johnson, the Libertarian nominee for president. Notably, the paper made clear that it was backing the entire Libertarian ticket, which includes William Weld, a former Massachusetts governor who is familiar to some New Hampshire voters.

“They would be worth considering under many circumstances,” Mr. McQuaid writes. “In today’s dark times, they are a bright light of hope and reason.”

We couldn’t agree more, the Libertarian ticket is a “bright light of hope and reason” in this crazy election.

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  1. Indeed, very nicely put by Mr McQuaid: a simple clear message, itself a “bright light of hope and reason”. Thank you, Mr McQuaid!

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