All Veterans Deserve to Hear Gary Johnson Speak At the IAVA Presidential Forum

gary johnson iavaThe Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America put out a press release Wednesday night stating they would include Governor Johnson in the commander and chief presidential forum. The news seemed too good to be true, apparently, it was. The IAVA set the bait and Libertarian news sources ate it up, hook, line, and sinker. Once they started reporting the good news of Johnson’s inclusion, the IAVA quietly changed the wording of their own press release. Now stating that Governor Johnson was being invited to a separate forum altogether.

Essentially they offered him a seat at the proverbial kid’s table. These actions of a supposed non-partisan organization were pure chicanery and has left a bad taste in many peoples mouths. They have purposely misinformed, lied to and deceived its own members. I implore everyone displeased with the actions of the IAVA to go to their facebook page and pronounce your displeasure. Call their office at 212-982-9699 and send your emails to info@iava.org.

In an election cycle with two war hawks representing the old parties, veterans deserve to hear Governor Johnson’s voice on that stage. Johnson is the only third party candidate that will appear on all fifty state ballots. He is the only candidate espousing a non-interventionist foreign policy, which is the only sensible approach to our military considering our past mistakes in the middle east.

Nothing will change under a Trump or Clinton presidency. Both will only create more veterans of foreign wars just like we did in Iraq and Afghanistan. Troops will not be coming home anytime soon under Trump or Clinton. The greatest service we could give to our active military would be to not send them to war unless it is absolutely necessary.

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  1. If the the IAVA is a non-partisan 501(c)3 organization, they risk losing (and given Gary Johnson’s polling, probably will lose) their tax-exempt status by not providing him with a third podium. You can bet that the IAVA will do more damage to itself if they re-neg on their initial press release.

  2. Every Vet deserves to hear Gary Johnson at the Presidential debates. If the voice of veteranss is excluded is the 2016 Presidential Race, America deserves what it gets — Trump or Hillary.

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