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Gary Johnson Might Get Into the Presidential Debates After All


15% has been the magic number for the Gary Johnson campaign, and they have been working hard to hit that mark in order to be included in the fall Presidential debates.  Johnson and the Green Party filed a lawsuit against the Presidential Debate Commission last year arguing that any candidate who has a mathematical chance of being elected should be included in the debates and that suit is still pending.

However, Donald Trump just put his foot in his own mouth and gave the Johnson campaign the greatest gift of all.

CNBC reports that Frank Fahrenkopf, co-chairman of the Commission on Presidential Debates, suggested the commission:
might consider giving an inch to a third-party candidate who is close enough to the cutoff point.

This is big news for the Johnson campaign and the Libertarian Party.

Johnson has banked his candidacy on the idea of getting into the debates as the only chance at winning.  If he is able to do that, then his numbers might go through the roof when pitted against the evilest candidates in modern political history.


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  1. Great! Tell us how to increase his poll numbers, that seems to be what is left out of every single article!!!

    • Push the polling NT organization to include him (ok, and Dr. stein) in their questions. If voters are regularly given him as a choice, instead of just Trump or Clinton, his numbers will go up.

    • You can help him reach 15% by sharing it on the social media. Spread the words so that people know they have more options

  2. Can you be more specific when you say “However, Donald Trump just put his foot in his own mouth and gave the Johnson campaign the greatest gift of all.”

      • I think they are implying he is looking for a way to avoid the debates. Hillary will still want the time to explain her policies. Allowing Gary on the stage means there would still be a debate no matter what Trump does.

    • He is insinuating the Dems are rigging the debates in their favor. If he says Johnson/Weld can’t participate then he is doing the same exact thing. And hopefully, people will call him on it.

      • He also was quoted as saying he does not want Johnson or Stein on the stage. He wants to go 1 on 1 with Clinton. Of course he is scared of people realizing there are other options.

      • I think T is mad because they want the debates during football games and he won’t have all those admiring hoards watching him instead.

  3. Either some will be more intersested in games or debates . it is called DVR hello? Anybody in there?

    • How’s that? The Presidential Debate commission raised this “poll” number several years back to keep the third parties out of the debates. The system is weighed too heavily in favor of this Democrat/Republican duopoly we’re stuck with. How about, if you’re on enough ballots to win the election you get to debate? That seems more in the country’s best interest.

  4. Getting to Debate Herr Hillary Himmler and Donald Joe McCarthy Trump will determine my vote. If he does not get to debate, then a third party vote is a wasted vote. If he gets to debate, he may have a viable chance to win some electoral votes. Only two third party Candidates have ever won electoral votes. George Wallace and Teddy Roosevelt.

    • Lincoln was a third party. Whigs and Democrats were the majority parties. He was Republican.

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