Gary Johnson

Gary Johnson Has Until August 15 to Get the 15% for the Debate Stage

Now that both major political parties have had their national conventions the general election is now full force and the Presidential debates will be the next big event.

For a third party, this is a critical time in order to gain the support necessary to be included in the Presidential debates.

The Libertarian nominee appeared on Fox Business to discuss the steps he needs to take in order to gain access to the first Presidential debate in September.

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  1. I thought we had until September 10 to accommodate the ridiculous requirements to attend the debate.

  2. I’ve only heard of two people getting calls and they were only offered Clinton or Trump as options and when they would only answer “Johnson,” the baker hung up on them. So how does he raise poll numbers if they aren’t allowing him to be an answer?

  3. It’s beyond ridiculous that polls determine this. Pollsters are accountable to no-one, and a lot of what they do is try to guess what turnout model to use. Their models are only correct on the assumption that it will be the same as previously. Besides–if they were flat-out bribed, nobody would ever know.

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