Donald Trump Bashes the Colorado Springs Fire Department:“They Don’t Know What The Hell They’re Doing”

In a display of extreme incompetence, the Republican nominee for President Donald J. Trump just bashed the hard-working men and women of the Colorado Springs Fire Department at a rally at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs.

For somebody, that thinks he deserves the respect of the men and women who serve this country this is a display of ignorance and outright incompetence.

The members of the Colorado Springs Fire Department are some of the hardest working and admirable men and women who sacrifice so much on a daily basis to protect the people of this great city and they deserve better than to hear the hatred that Donald Trump has for them.

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  1. Hey let’s take a minute to reflect that these men and women fought for our homes and lives during the Waldo Canyon and black forest fires!!! I support our firefighters far more than I ever will support trump.

    Thank you Colorado springs fire fighters and god bless!

    • Good then vote for Hillary and even if you are not ,voting for any other candidate will cause your 2nd amendment right to protect yourself to vanish . But hey ,expecting your a turn coat liberal I don’t suprise me one bit.

      Thanks SSG Silliman USARMY Veteran .

      • Really all asking for is no fly no bye , better background checks and to scale back semi automatic weapons, you will be still able to buy your hunting rifle and pistol so chill

      • Terry, you are one hateful person, my very good friend lost his son who was a member of the Colorado Springs Fire Department and was a good man…and I take offense that trump has the audacity to open that distorted mouth of his to say anything…
        ….especially since he has never done an honest days work in his life or ever put his life on the line for someone else’s safety in his life….when danger comes, he puts his tail between his legs and runs like the loser he is….even during 911…

      • Stfu, stop throwing around your self-interpreting 2A’s, just 2008 it was interpreted differently. Even Reagan was smart enough to ban ar’s. Turncoat? Define it, Sgt. Drag your knuckles back to the Cold War jingoist. Trump is a fascist, racist, misogynist, and a fraud among others. Are these the qualities that speak to you, just like he says what we want yo say.lol

      • What voice in your head tells you the stuff you write down!! No one has ever dais they are gonna take your guns in the 200 years of this country! You hear someone else say it and you automatically believe it without any fact checking! There’re people starving,dying of disease and homeless and all you can think about is sticking a gun up your ass! The fact is even if you keep your guns how are they gonna protect you when the government has fucking fighter gets ???? Lol

      • Just being an Army vet makes you no bloody expert. In fact it betrays how easily you are indoctrinated into the stupid.

        Sincerely, US NAVY VET

      • NO IT WILL NOT!!! Common sense safety measures and more thorough background checks will help keep guns out of the hands of people too incompetent to own them. If it prevents even one massacre, it’s worth it. Nobody is going to take your guns, but I know I’d feel better knowing the guy down the street with a history of domestic violence can’t legally purchase one.

      • Just like people on the right said for seven and a half years that President Obama was going to seize people’s guns. You were wrong then and you will be wrong when Hillary Clinton is President for the next eight years.

        SSG John Harvey, U.S. Army retired.

      • If Trump is elected he will be the last President. He will never leave office as he will abolish all elections. If anyone thinks a President Trump will allow anyone but military and law enforcement to have any kind of firearms, they are deluding themselves.

      • SSG Silliman, I thank you for your service, Sir. Please help me to understand. Just yesterday, Trump was briefed with classified information regarding Saudia Arabia, which his big mouth didn’t fail to tell the whole world. HIllary Clinton stated she was not going to take anyone’s guns but you’ve said she’s going to make the 2nd amendment vanish. I am not a liberal & consider myself to be a moderate conservative. I did not vote for POTUS because if his stance on abortion & birth control in hospitals, etc. By far, Hillary will not get angry & start a war like Trump will. It is senseless to continue to put our military in harms way because Trump is thin skinned & you, being a an army veteran should recognize that. Yes, I’d prefer to vote for someone else than either of these two candidates, as I was supporting Bernie, however the candidates have been nominated. The choice lies before us & hopefully on election day, all of us will vote for the person most qualified to lead this great country of ours in peace & fo the greater good of its citizens, active military, vets, the elderly, disabled, homeless, middle class, poor, etc. May God bless us all.

      • Hillary will most likely not even get the type if gun control most gun owners want. Racism isn’t something you just look over.

      • Since you’re gonna throw out generalizations, I assume you are a racist, ego-centric, self-important tool.

      • Well, for someone who has never risk his life. He sure has a set on him to call someone out for doing thier fucking job (fire code).

        SSGT Art Valadez, U.S. Air Force Retired

      • Well at least your name is correct” Sillyman “”. Trump is so ignorant it defies logic, he would be the first person to come down on the fire marshal if a ” Cocont club disaster ” dozens of deaths due to overcrowding were to happen at one of his rallies but fear not he would be the first one out pushing women & children out of his way to the exit!

      • If you believe you’d lose your “rights” to your precious 2nd amendment guns if the only qualified candidate gets elected and not your fear mongering idiot, Trump…you sir as big an idiot. No disrespect to your service, but look out for your future care under this douche if you and the rest of your like-minded fools elect him.

      • You’re an idiot, nobodies taking any guns away, just another Right winger scare tactic!

      • No one wants your 2nd amendment rights to be touched. That’s s complete fallacy

      • Keep voting for the conservatives who keep voting to cut spending to the VA.

      • You’re a fuckin idiot, see how I spelled you’re. No one is coming to take your (spelling) guns, the 2nd amendment protects against that pal. Wise up. Gain knowledge, not trump bullshit.

      • Terry,

        Your a moron. I’m a proude owner of 5 firearms and have been working for the military as research scientist for 4 years after being transferred from Nuclear propulsion warfare school for the Navy. Our second amendment rights aren’t going to be taken away. It just not that easy. Get your head out of your ass and look at more pressing issues out great country is facing. Like manufacturing jobs being lost and proper research incentives for big companies so they stay in this country.

      • And seeing that you’re a Trump supporter, I’m not surprised that you don’t know that you meant “you’re”

        A US Army widow

        p.s.- I think you also meant “it”

    • I’m not a Trump supporter, but did u watch the video? He didn’t bash the fire department, he bashes the fire Marshall for not allowing people inside. Trump says there’s plenty of available seating or space for more people to come inside and the fire Marshall says there isn’t. I’m not there to know who’s right, but the main point is that Trump’s comments are not about the fire department at all, they’re about the fire Marshall.

      • Matt,

        What you don’t realize is that by bashing one he’s bashing us all. It’s a brotherhood. The fire marshal (I hope) didn’t arbitrarily decide no more people could come in. There are fire codes and maximum capacity ratings on rooms for a reason.

        The greater point is watching how someone who is asking to run the country treats people. It was shameful. This has nothing to do with Hillary who’s a disaster of her own making but to look at how trump deals with people. He has no tact. This is a position where tact is part of the job description.

      • Here in Pennsylvania the Fire Marshall is a member of the State Police. Though I have lived in Colorado several times I have no idea who serves as Fire Marshall in Colorado Springs. The point is the Fire Marshall determines the seating capacity of a public meeting place. Trump thinking there a plenty of seats means nothing. Legally the Fire Marshall determines how many people can be allowed in the hall, not the Rethuglican candidate for President.

        When things do not go according to plan tRump always blames someone else. It is never the fault of Drumpf not having a competent campaign staff to rent a big enough hall for the number of people who will attend his event. Colorado Springs is one of the places in Colorado where I have lived for a short time. The city is the Vatican of the religious right. Der Führer Drumpf should have known that he would have one of the largest crowds of his campaign.

      • Matt, you hit the nail on the head . All these sheeple on Fakebook are so gullible and just chomping at the bit to read something into a a foes statement that isn’t there, and then proceed to go around spreading disease, calling names, and ripping off the heads of perfectly innocent people– all while protected by their mighty keyboard. Jeez, get a life.

      • Idiot, capacity is set for a reason and not even a POS like Dump can change that. There was already enough shit in the toilet

      • You are exactly right, just the fire marshal. Who was following orders from someone else. The fire marshal boss works for a politician. The Republicans didn’t allow a vote in Colorado, remember. Just the same Ole asshole still trying to end Trump LOLfir

    • I’m from Colorado and honestly our fire departments aren’t very good. For professional reasons I’m not gonna say anything about what I’ve seen them do working in EMS, but as a citizen there has been a failure of aptitude and personality checks seeing as one of them burned down half the state in an attempt to show she was a capable firefighter. They don’t enforce tree density laws and they refuse to let any small fire burn out, which in turn causes the massive forest fires that can’t be put out. the leadership is simply incompetent

  2. Actually the CSFD is quite competent. It’s Trump who doesn’t know what he’s doing.

    Gary Johnson 2016!

    Mike Seebeck
    Acting Chair, Libertarian Party of El Paso County (Colorado Springs)

    • Like I said before ,let your consciousness guide you to listen to the establishment . They want Hillary Clinton to be elected , and voting for Gary Johnson is voting for Clinton . So I hope you don’t own any fire arm’s ,or plan on purchasing them ,because your so calley conscience vote will do nothing but leave you without any way to protect you , or your family.
      Next step Hillary in office and you and your family is forced to become Islamic and your 10 year old daughter is being Married off . But hey , Follow the leader of u our consciousness ,the Establishment Jack offs who have you fooled .

      Thank’s SSG USARMY Veteran Terry Silliman

      • Please tell me you don’t actually believe this wildly vitriolic ranting Mr Silliman and that you are just trying to start a fight …. Supporting the candidate of your choosing is fine, making wildly improbable and improvident accusations is not.

      • Terry… It’s not let your consciousness be your guide, but let your conscience. This may reveal that to be a Trump supporter one must be unconscious. You’re ranting is another indication that you need help. I have a referral for a terrific therapist and a 4th grade teacher. You can get the mental support you need as well as educational.

      • Please read back over your comment, consider why you choose to engage in such ignorant ranting, and once you’ve scrutinized each of these completely unfounded claims, then maybe you will form some kind of opinion worth a damn.

      • That is not at all a fair statement in the real world. Firefighters and emergency personnel as a whole are a brotherhood, but you cannot always lump them together. Imagine one bad firefighter got drunk and hit his wife, does that mean the whole department is guilty of domestic violence and hitting women?

        I’m not here supporting trump or his statements at all, but a lot of these comments are extremely ignorant, lacking common sense, and obviously politically motivated.

        Also, if liberal politicians don’t want to take away private citizens access to guns, please explain to me how “common sense” gun law recently enacted in California just made me a criminal overnight, two guns which I have owned for years and built myself with many hours of hard work are now completely illegal with no option or way to make them legal… What many don’t understand about gun rights is that it’s not what is said but what is done that shows true intent, say you’re not going to take away guns all you want but if you then enact legislation TAKING AWAY GUNS, some people will call you out on it, just pretending to be dumb and saying “well nobody said we were going to take guns” doesn’t excuse these rat bastard politicians (most of them) from their actual ACTIONS.

        Whoever said it was smart to ban AR’s: you do realize that all rifles of EVERY TYPE are used in fewer murders than fists every year? That includes hunting rifles, .22 caliber rimfire, antique flintlock, everything, the total number each year is barely over 200 in the US. Compared to over 5000 murders per year with handguns, you’re misguided and being fooled by the media into going after something which isn’t even a real problem.

    • You cannot talk sense into idiots like the Turn coat establishment these sheeple establishment Consciousness republicans like thier leaders , want Hillary in office and they cannot think for themselves. They want to vote green party or Libratarian to help Clinton get elected because they think they will feel better for voting against Trump , but then when the second amendment gets zapped , I hope they can protect their families against a home invasion with that very consciousness.

      • Please read the 2nd amendment. It does NOT give you the right to have guns!!! It gives the states the right to have a well armed militia, the right to have the National Guard. You said when Obama got elected that he would take your guns. Well you still have them don’t you.

      • Actually Kathy, you clearly don’t understand constitutional law, and just because you choose to interpret it one way does not make your interpretation correct in any way. Fact is that the US Supreme Court has established in a ruling less than 10 years ago that all law abiding citizens in the US do have an INDIVIDUAL RIGHT to own guns. The Heller Decision, I don’t care if you don’t agree with their opinion, but in the US their opinion on the constitution is legally correct, always.

    • Yeah and after the Town Hall Trump actually signed the fire Marshalls book . Guess which book it was ?? The Art of the Deal.. So I think the fire Marshall knew Trump was poking fun ,along with everyone else in the roomorning except for the Laim stream Media ,oh and the Glenn Beck conscience Zombies.

      • The Art of the Deal was ghost written,by Tony Schwartz who now regrets ever do it. Here is part of a recent interview with Mr. Schwartz:

        Trump’s former ghostwriter, Tony Schwartz, however, had no trouble coming up with a theory:

        Schwartz, president of the Energy Project, a New York-based consulting firm, recently has emerged as a go-to expert on (and reliable critic) of Donald Trump. He shadowed Trump for 18 months while ghostwriting Trump’s first bestseller, the 1987 The Art of the Deal. Saying he had a “deep sense of remorse” for having helped propel Trump into stardom, Schwartz spoke publicly about Trump for the first time in a New Yorker article published earlier this month. Schwartz had written every word of the book, he claimed, telling the New Yorker it was a “nonfiction work of fiction.”

        “I’m one of the very few people who really saw this man up close and isn’t constrained by a NDA [non-disclosure agreement],” he said in an interview with Fortune this week. “The reason I’ve chosen to come forward is I believe Trump is deeply unqualified and would be extremely dangerous as President by virtue of his easily aroused anger and thin skin.”

    • Cara,

      Minutes later the Fire Marshall increased the capacity by 10% and let in another 150 or so people. Proving that as a public servant she was able to be somewhat flexible on the rules. But the fire code is there for a reason. Capacity limits are there for a reason. What people don’t realize is much like a highway, rooms have a maximum flow rating. Meaning for the size and location of the doors and the area they exit to, you can calculate just how many people can move through those doors in a set period of time.

      News reports indicated that the Trump Campaign sold over 10,000 tickets to an event they KNEW could only hold 2,500 people maximum (1,500 in the main room and 1,000 in an overflow room).

      So no Trump was wrong. Furthermore even if he was right that’s not how you handle issues like that. Show some diplomacy. Explain how it’s unfortunate but there are rules in place for a reason. His explanation. “It’s not my fault, I just came here”. That’s not the voice of a leader.

  3. Let’s see, Trump is wrong for bashing the Fire Marshall, and you bash him. Almost like the pot calling the kettle black…..

    • Keep dreaming , the fact of the matter is Colorado elevation will do that to a person not acclimated to the air . Bit I wouldnt expect you to know this , especially from a Party who thinks Air conditions are more dangerous than ISIS .

    • To your point that Trump is not God; this is something that has been worrying me. That is, I really actually believe that at some point, Trump will declare himself greater than God and at that point, many of his supporters, not all, will say to themselves “Oh my God, what have I done?”. But even worse, it will be too late.

  4. i say trump,mrs.clinton wants to to give citizineship to every one ,trump wants to build a wall,what happens if the ppl fr mexico come & take over with drugs& cartel theres enough drugs in the states we dont need,& its all from ppl that arnt fr the us ,theres pros&cons on each party ,stop all the madness in the us,no one talks about the drugs being deported ,

  5. More Liberal lies. Take a comment,twist it and shout how wrong it was. He clearly commented on the Fire Marshall and wanted more people allowed into the gathering. Take that and add the headline of how he spoke about firefighters and hope the sheeple and hope it sticks..
    Laughable that so many democrats want to hate…hate…hate.

    • Frank,

      The problem is the Fire Marshall knew EXACTLY what she was doing. You can’t expect to squeeze 10,000 people into a venue designed to hold 2,500. So Trump is insulting the fire Marshall and by extension the fire service (at least in Colorado Springs) when in fact he was wrong. The Marshall kindly let in an additional 10% more people but they didn’t even have to do that.

  6. what an idiot
    ..he’s the one not having the grace in that situation! disgraceful he says haha….Oh yeah…there’s a reason for fire codes. They are doing there job as a responsible American should… all the rules and codes we have made to be safe and he thinks it’s wrong. what if there was a bomb or a fire and because they let too many people inside… those ” beautiful wonderful people” would die. Wish Trump supporters would think a but about what he says.

  7. I was there and was one of the ticket holders who could not get in. This was caused by the Trump campaign, which gave away far more tickets than what the venue and overflow venue could hold. The Fire Marshal was just doing his job. The rumor around campus was that 10,000 tickets were issued. The venue itself only had a 1500-person capacity and the overflow room capacity is 1000. Even if 10,000 was an inflated number, hundreds and hundreds of ticket holders like myself were unable to attend the rally. This was incredibly frustrating given how hard it was to get to the venue itself because of the lack of traffic control and crowd control. So Mr. Trump can voice his indignation all he wants. His own staff caused this to happen.

  8. No he did not bash the Colorado Springs Fire department. His comment was directed at the Fire Marshall. And yes it was a stupid comment but more than likely one to just get a rise out of the crowd. Because that’s what Donald Trump does.

    • Patty,

      No disrespect meant but I assume you’re not a firefight/police officer, etc. but when he says and I quote “They don’t know what the hell they are doing” whether he’s talking about the fire Marshall or not he’s insulting the whole fire department and in fact the whole fire service.

      As a firefighter, he was super disrespectful to the Fire Marshall. When in fact it WAS his fault. He’s the leader and a leader takes responsibility.

      Sorry but this is a pattern of him simply insulting people without thinking because “it gets a rise out of the crowd”. The primaries are over. It’s general election time. It’s time to show the country and the world how well suited he is to the office of POTUS. He’s failing.

  9. How many know that the Fire Marshal can limit the amount of people into a room or area regards what the maximum seating capacity is rated at? You can have a room with a seating capacity of 5,000 but if the Fire Marshal feels 500 is enough, they can issue the order to allow no one else in or shut down the event. Without being in the room, I can’t say Trump had a valid argument but for the size of this event the Fire Marshal had to have signed off on the plan in advance. The standard way of setting up large events like this is to setup seats for the maximum number of people the fire marshal had previously signed off on. I lean more in Trumps favor on this one.

    • Except the college UCCS already said they told the Trump campaign what the capacity was BEFORE the event. They knew what the capacity was and then sold FOUR TIMES as many tickets as they had space for and then blamed the fire Marshall for doing his job. Next time they should’ve either found a larger venue or limit the amount of tickets sold

  10. Trump said or did nothing wrong…Idiots that don’t want him to be heard made up rule that those who wanted to hear him couldn’t….and then made it up that he talked bad about the dept. you guys are really stupid

  11. The Trump campaign picked the wrong venue to hold their Town Hall. Trump needs to be educated to the fact that an occupancy load is a calculated figure based on the square footage of the occupancy divided by an occupancy load factor which in this case was either 15 sq ft/person, 7 sq ft/person or 5 sq ft/person depending if there was fixed seating, temporary seating or standing room area. This is not set at the whim of the fire marshal. And as one who used to enforce these codes for Colo. Spgs Fire Dept. the occupancy loads were clearly displayed in a prominent location for all to see. The fire marshal may increase that load by 10% IF there are designated stand-by fire personnel to ensure that exits and corridors are maintained. So, many of you have been speaking from the same ignorance of fire codes just as Mr. Trump did. The fire marshal is not being mean and yes we do know what the hell we are doing Mr. Trump! Next time have your campaign book your venue at the Broadmoor World Arena! Those extra thousands will fit in just fine there.

  12. The Fire Marshals job is safety, there were too many people for the capacity of that room. If there were a fire, there would have been multiple deaths. Trumps statement was ignorant. The fault was not with the Fire Marshal, it was with Trumps staff who booked a venue that was too small. My husband is a Fire Marshal, it has nothing to do with supporting the democrats, it has to do with everyone’s safety.

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