Gary Johnson

Marvin Bush, brother of George and Jeb Bush, Endorses Gary Johnson for President


Appearing on a Washington D.C. sports radio show the brother of former President George Bush and Jeb Bush endorsed Gary Johnson for President.

“That’s why I’m voting libertarian, 100%, these two guys—and nobody knows about them, people think it is sort of a wasted vote—but, both Gary Johnson and Bill Weld were each successful two-term governors who balanced their budgets,” Bush said. “So they’re fiscally conservative and their essential message is get bureaucracy off our backs. It used to be a part of what the Republicans believed.”

This is just the beginning of major Republicans starting to get behind the former Governor of New Mexico. Even though they aren’t Libertarians this is good for name recognition and publicity.

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  1. Great news for all Libertarians! Endorsements from Republicans and Democrats show the public that Johnson and Weld aren’t fringe candidates.

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