How to Talk With Your Democratic Friend Following the Betrayal​ of the DNC


The beginning of the Democratic National Convention didn’t start off the way the leaders of the DNC had hoped.  An email leak that proved their system of elections are corrupt, and the boxing out of Bernie Sanders supporters have left many Democrats without direction this election cycle.

An email was sent out by the Libertarian Party that helps talk to your Democratic friends following the betrayal they experienced this week. We thought that we would share those here and encourage you to talk with your Democratic friends and let them understand they have another choice this election season.

Here are a few strategies that I have personally found most effective when reaching out to Bernie fans:

– Acknowledge their sense of betrayal. It is real. It is painful and personal to them. Resist the urge to gloat or taunt. Most of them won’t take that well. If we want our party to grow long term, it won’t be through insulting or alienating people who probably really do belong with us!

– Keep reminding your friends that there are options beyond Trump and Clinton, and that Governor Johnson will be on the ballot in all 50 states. Johnson is a proven leader with executive experience, and has very broad appeal across the political spectrum.

– Share points of interest about Gov. Johnson. He was a two-term governor of New Mexico. He’s a successful entrepreneur. He’s an athlete. He’s ethical, candid, honest, likable, trustworthy, and highly qualified. He is funded almost entirely by individual donations (not PACs) and has taken strong stances against crony corporatism in politics and in government. He’s pro-choice, he’s in favor of legalizing marijuana and ending our senseless wars overseas. He supports LGBT rights. Really, there is so much for progressives to like about him!

– Encourage other mutual Libertarian-leaning friends to talk with your friend. Let them see that other people they know are voting Libertarian. Some people need to see this before they will do it themselves.

– Encourage them to vote with courage. If we all voted for who we really thought the best candidate was, this country would be better for it. Also, a strong showing for Libertarians in this election will put the oligarchs on notice. The last thing they should want is Clinton OR Trump taking office with a strong mandate. Voting for one of them only encourages them.

– Show them the beautiful diversity of the Libertarian Party. No matter who they are, where they come from, what they look like, what they enjoy, what they believe, there are Libertarians like them. There is not a more diverse organization in America. We respect each other and believe in peaceful coexistence.

Be welcoming. Be kind. Be encouraging. Be respectful.

Let’s show America the beauty of liberty and the merit of our candidates. If we diligently and diplomatically share this message, Governor Johnson might just end up in the White House come January! But even if he doesn’t, our party will be bigger and stronger for your efforts.

Be sure to spread the message of Liberty any chance that you get, and point people to the light of reason.


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