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Gary Johnson Still Closing in on Debate Stage in New CBS Poll Following Trump Coronation at the RNC


Every Presidential candidate gets a poll bump from their convention, and Donald Trump is no exception.  However, the problem that Trump has is he can’t shake the rise of a third party candidate and the new CBS poll this morning shows that Gary Johnson is still in the hunt to be included on the debate stage this fall.

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Johnson has been performing well in recent polls conducted by big outlets like CBS, CNN, and other major media.  The expectation from Trump would have been a big convention bounce, but he is being stalled by the people that can’t stand the idea of voting for him. He is the worst Republican candidate in recent history and it is showing the rise of a third party.

People that suggest Gary Johnson will play a spoiler to Trump don’t look at the facts.  Johnson is polling evenly from Democrats and Republicans.  He is also polling considerably higher from independents.

We expect a bounce for Clinton following the Democratic Convention this week, and we predict a good showing from Johnson again.  The test will be coming in the next couple of weeks as the general election gets heated up. With both Clinton and Trump having such high unfavorable ratings, the rise of a third party candidate like Johnson is real.

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  1. The pollsters need to change the question, rather than which ONE would you vote for, they should ask which candidates do you favor? This would enable voters being polled to be able to express all the candidates they approve.

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