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Gary Johnson is the Only Presidential Candidate Promising a Balanced Budget



Managing the federal budget is the biggest responsibility of the President of the United States.  Spending and taxes play heavily into the decision-making process that the President engages with the heads of the federal agencies.

A few weeks ago the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget broke down both Clinton and Trump’s plan for spending and came to the conclusion that both of them would drastically increase the size of the budget and overall deficits.

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According to our central estimates, both candidates would worsen the debt relative to today’s level as well as projected levels under current law. The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) projects that, under current law, nearly $10 trillion will be added to the debt over the next ten years, bringing debt to 86 percent of GDP by 2026. Clinton would add a further $250 billion to the debt over a decade, bringing it to 87 percent of GDP by 2026. Over the same period, Trump would add $11.5 trillion, causing debt to rise to 127 percent of GDP by 2026.

Debt under candidates proposals

As you can see, there is considerable data that suggests both of these candidates will be detrimental to our countries economic future.

There is only one candidate promising to balance the federal budget and avoid this catastrophic outlook.

Gary Johnson has a track record of balanced budgets during his time as Governor of New Mexico.  He vetoed wasteful spending over 700 times as the Governor and is not afraid to take this action as President. Obviously, there is no data on the Johnson plan because everyone forgets there is another viable alternative this election.

Gary Johnson, whose web page asserts:

Governor Johnson has pledged that his first major act as President will be to submit to Congress a truly balanced budget. No gimmicks, no imaginary cuts in the distant future. Real reductions to bring spending into line with revenues, without tax increases. No line in the budget will be immune from scrutiny and reduction. And he pledges to veto any legislation that will result in deficit spending, forcing Congress to override his veto in order to spend money we don’t have.

That is a firm commitment that you will not get from the other two Presidential candidates.  The future of our country depends on sensible spending and cutting waste from the budget.  This will help the economic outlook of the United States and put us in a better position financially.


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