Gary Johnson

Gary Johnson Campaign Raises $126,000 Online In a Matter of Days

Gary Johnson

Money is the key to politics. It is the key to success in the political arena and is a big reason the Republican and Democratic parties have had major success for a long time. Third Parties in the United States have a hard time raising a large sum of cash, especially from individual donors across the United States.

In a matter of days the Gary Johnson campaign has raised over $126,000 from ordinary Americans across this country in their Money Comet online fundraiser. This does not account the other contributions they have been seeking the past few months from big donors.


The American people are hungry for another choice in November. They are starting to see that Gary Johnson and the Libertarian Party are the sane option.  The ideas are starting to hit home with many people across the United States that have never been exposed to the concept of Liberty, and it is resonating with voters from all walks of life.

For a third party candidate to raise this much money in just a matter of days shows the power that ideas have in our country. There is a new appetite in America and it is Freedom.

If you haven’t contributed already to the Gary Johnson campaign, now is the time to do it. Go to their Money Comet fundraiser and give as much as you can. Encourage your friends and family to check out Gary Johnson and the Libertarian Party.

We will keep you posted as this number continues to grow!

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