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99 Electoral Votes a Real Possibility for Governor Gary Johnson & The Libertarian Party

Read our updated story: 161 Electoral Votes a Possibility for Gary Johnson

We have now run two stories on the electoral possibilities for Gary Johnson and the Libertarian Party.  We are now prepared to update our electoral map and push the Libertarian former Governor up to 99 electoral votes in the 2016 General Election.


There has been new state data that came out today from the Ballotpedia/CNN survey’s that suggest the former Governor of New Mexico is playing quite well in states that we had not considered before.  In the state of Iowa Gary Johnson is pulling in 16%.  In Ohio the Governor is showing at 15%, and in Michigan at 14%.  In Pennsylvania we threw that state into a toss up because Johnson is polling at 13%, but we do want to be a little realistic (sarcasm).

When we ran these stories in the past we got a lot of naysayers that suggested there is no possible way for a third party to win any electoral votes.  Our answer to that charge is simple:

Nobody thought Donald Trump would get this far, so anything is possible in 2016!

Like we have said before, the western part of the country is conducive to Libertarian philosophy and Gary Johnson being a former western Governor has a real possibility to play there.  We have sources inside the Governor’s campaign that have suggested these western states we have highlighted yellow are the top priority for the campaign.  This is where they believe they can gather electoral votes and possibly throw this election to the House of Representatives.

The fact that Johnson is playing in Ohio, Iowa, Florida, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and the other big battlegrounds is a sign that something special is happening.  Both parties are in the process of self-destructing right before our eyes with two of the most hated candidates in history, and the idea of a third party is not so fringe in 2016.

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  1. Johnson also has potential in these states where the ratio of independents to the next highest party is large:

    Rhode Island
    North Carolina

    • When you begin a story with “We have ran” it does not build confidence. Just sayin’… Try to get your grammar right for better credibility.

      • Also, what the heck are you talking about here: ” We have sources inside the campaign for the Governor…?” I think you mean campaign for president. There’s a thing you should know about called proof reading, LOL.

      • Jim, they mean the governor’s campaign. As in, the campaign of Governor Johnson. For president.

      • they started it “when we ran” and “we have run” ……think you yourself Jim need to read it again

    • I hope libertarians remain grounded in their expectations as we will not get proportional national recognition from the media. We should not be disappointed with a greater than 10% popular vote (unlikely any electoral votes) as this will at least somewhat force libertarian and minarchistic ideas into the collective zeitgeist.

    • This poll is bullshit Pennsylvania is Forsure a trump state, New York is trump you people like to lie and try to make people think killary is winning we the people aren’t being fooled by you the media or killary !! If trump don’t win there will be a civil war due to the poll cheating from killary you watch!

      • Gary K, that’s about one of the dumbest statements I’ve ever read. Go to show why your choosing to vote Trump, only an idiot would, Gary Johnson is the only real choice this year, a vote for Trump is a vote for Hillary, he’s racist and purposely sabotaged his own campaign,

      • Gary they said nothing about Hillary….this is of the POSSIBILITIES for Gary Johnson……

      • Typical Trumpy: a) uses vulgar language, b) acts like a bully, c) is living in a fantasy world if he thinks Trump will carry PA, and d) has a very low command of the English language, to the extent one might even think he’s an illegal. If Trump were to get elected, he might even find himself getting deported.

  2. I’m in Indiana, and I’ll be voting for Gary Johnson for 2 reasons – 1. His positions on every single issue are vastly superior than the other two; 2. I could not in good conscience vote for either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. He is my only other option.

  3. We might be small in Tennessee, but we are mighty. I am Mormon, and the majority of my Mormon friends have committed to Gary Johnson, because they see how hard I work for the campaign. We are not “fringe” anymore.

  4. I can’t be any more dismayed over the ignorance of the electorate. The two party system of crony capitalism must go. So what do we replace it with? Libertarians of course………but wait. Our fellow citizens want to vote for the Green Party? So how does that play-out in the General election? Same ol’ same ol’. Stupid ignorant voters.

  5. A vote for Johnson is a vote for Hilliary. I don’t want Hilliary or Trump, but I vote for Ross Perot…and that put Clinton in office.

      • A vote for Johnson is definitely not a vote for Hillary. It is, however, a statistical vote for Trump. If we look at the graph, then we realize no one hits the delegate threshold, so GOP controlled Congress gets to elect the next president… I believe they will stick to party lines and Trump will be our next president if Johnson does find a way to get this many delegates.

  6. Look into Minnesota as well. The primaries were heavily in Bernie’s favor and very NeverTrump with Rubio AND Cruz polling in front of him.

    • Yes but with the twin cities being so hardcore democrat you wont gain much leeway here better if the campaign focuses funds on other states the best we can hope for is a strong libertarian vote and maybe sway some north shore voters after dayton refused the mines again leaving their unemployment high.

  7. This Texas registered voter is voting for Johnson. I’m 38 years old and this will only be my second presidential election that I am voting in. I finally have a candidate that I feel passionate about and want to get out and vote for.

  8. It’s not a waste to vote for the candidate you believe in! And it’s especially important in smaller states, where Johnson/Weld have a real chance to carry the state, and in carrying the state, have a real chance to win the presidency!!

    The way the electoral college works, if neither of the major party candidates receives a majority of the electoral college votes, the decision goes to the House of Representatives–the REPUBLICAN House of Representatives!!

    And offered the option to choose two former Republican governors over Trump . . . I’ve got to believe that the House will NOT “follow party lines”–they will be rational and choose Johnson/Weld!

  9. Sorry I don’t live in any of those states but I’ll be giving him at least 1 in Massachusetts.

  10. This from Dave Ramsey expresses my beliefs. I’ll take the chance with my vote and cast it in favor of integrity or nothing at all!! I won’t vote for the “lesser of two evils.”

    Your Vote Can Change Our Direction
    As our nation celebrated its 100th birthday, President James A. Garfield said, “Now, more than ever before, the people are responsible for the character of their Congress. If that body be ignorant, reckless and corrupt, it is because the people tolerate ignorance, recklessness and corruption. If it be intelligent, brave and pure, it is because the people demand these high qualities to represent them in the national legislature. If [one hundred years from now] our next centennial does not find us a great nation… it will be because those who represent the enterprise, the culture and the morality of the nation do not aid in controlling the political forces.”

    In short, if you want leadership with integrity, then stop trusting people who lie “for our own good.” “We can change the direction of our country,” Andrews said. “But only if smart people will get involved in the election process and actually vote.”

  11. It is interesting reading these comments. For all of those that want to see this nation move forward and all of its people excel, do you really, in your heart of hearts, believe, that as good a person as the governor may be and as great as his ideas and plans are, he has a snowball’s chance of doing anything but putting Hillary in the Whitehouse? I gotta tell ya, as much as I don’t care for EITHER of the major party candidates, my concern for this country causes me to ask whether a protest vote for a third party, even if a better candidate, would make this a better country four years from now, or would it put Hillary in charge. In my view, I believe voting for the SECOND BEST person and winning, will do more for this country than voting for the BEST person and loosing, only to see the country turn into a third world oligarchy. This election, as I see it, is going to determine the long term future of this nation.

    • That’s what they want you to think, that’s what they’re counting on. We can’t keep settling and lowering our standards. More votes for a 3rd party candidate will send a message to both parties that times are changing and people are sick of their games.

  12. Strange story. The graphic shows Johnson carrying Iowa (6EVs) but the poll they are citing says Johnson is getting 16% and both Clinton and Trump doubling that. Ohio is shaded for Johnson (T-34%, C-41%, J-16%) Michigan, (T- 30% C-41% J-15%). That’s 40 of the 99 EVs where Johnson isn’t even in the ballpark. I have nothing really to add here…

  13. Oregon has be very liberal recently because of Portland, Salem, and Eugene being super Sanders but you can raise your percentage in the state by visiting Medford, Bend, and the previous three cities I mentioned.

  14. So he will act as a spoiler and the country will get Hillary and we all get screwed. Thanks. He can’t will all he is doing is helping Hillary

    • John if you understood political science you would know that in our scenario no candidate gets a majority of the electoral votes and therefore the House of Representatives picks the next President.

  15. The sad thing is that everyone thinks the electoral college will follow the voters votes. The electoral college has proven before that they don’t care what the voters say. They will put in who they want.

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