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Real Clear Politics Average Doubles Amount of Polls for Gary Johnson

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Every Saturday we are updating our readers on the Real Clear Politics Average for the Presidential race between Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, and Gary Johnson.  Last week Governor Johnson was at a 9% on average and dropped just slightly to 8.5%.

First I wouldn’t be discourage by this tiny drop because the big thing to note in this weeks analysis is there are more polls including him.  Over the past 2 weeks his average was based on maybe 4 polls at the max, and now that has doubled to 8 polls.  So with a doubling of polls included in the average his numbers are almost unchanged.

Second, many will argue that “his numbers aren’t changing!” That isn’t necessarily bad right now either.  Currently we are seeing the destruction of Donald Trump and so it will take time to see the impact that will have on the numbers.  Also, the fact that he is being included in this many polls now is a promising sign and his numbers will start to change as more polls are done on him.

Third, I predict we will see a big rise in numbers following the scheduled Town Hall that CNN is hosting on Wednesday night.  For the first time ever millions of Americans will be exposed to the Libertarian message and see that there is really a different choice this election.

We will update the RCP average every Saturday until the election. Stay tuned for next weeks post to see what those numbers will be.

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    • They indicate 4-way by an asterisk, but include it in the average anyways. They do this for Trump and Clinton too, but still…

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