Gary Johnson

Gov. Gary Johnson: “Only Bad Guys Will Have Assault Weapons If You Ban Them”

Governor Gary Johnson, the Libertarian candidate for President, appeared on Fox News Radio with Alan Colmes to discuss his presidential run, and also the policy of gun control.  There were many Libertarians that were scared of Johnson when it came to guns, especially with the pick of Bill Weld as VP.  However, that all seems to be behind them as they both have come out in strong support of gun rights the past few days and weeks.

Check out the interview that the Governor had with Fox News Radio:

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  1. What democratic, first world nations are you basing this on? Could you provide statistics from Australia and Britain for example of these countries banning weapons and the increase of criminals with guns and the dramatic increased instances of gun violence when only the criminals in these countries had guns. I would like clear, verifiable facts, not just an opinion that is not based on similar first world nations.

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