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Breaking News: CBS News Poll Has Gary Johnson at 11%


A new national poll conducted by CBS News has Governor Gary Johnson, the Libertarian nominee, polling at 11% nationally against Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

Could the Libertarian Party emerge as a real force in the presidential election this fall?

The latest CBS News poll of the 2016 general election finds Hillary Clinton maintaining a steady lead over Donald Trump in a head-to-head matchup, 43 to 37 percent. If Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson is added to the mix, however, he draws support from 11 percent of respondents nationwide. And the three-way race slightly increases Clinton’s lead over Trump – 39 to 32 percent.

The sizable contingent backing Johnson, a popular former Republican governor of New Mexico, also appears in other recent polls. A Bloomberg poll this week found Johnson drawing nine percent support in a three-way race, with Clinton at 49 and Trump at 37 percent. And a Fox News poll released last week found Johnson at 12 percent, Clinton at 39 and Trump at 36.

This is the first CBS News poll that has included the Governor and he comes out with a bang! This comes on the heels of the Fox News Poll that had the Governor polling 12% nationally and other that show him in double digits.

This seems to be the year for the Libertarian Party and the movement of Liberty.  Never has this much attention been given to a Libertarian nominee and it is showing in the polls.

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  1. This moves Gary Johnson’s average up to 8.9 abut he’ll need a 15.0% average to qualify for the debates. That probably means he’ll have to pull 20% in some polls.

    • Your right but I’m trying to figure out how is average is lower than his lowest polling number? I imagine it’s because they average his number out even on polls he isn’t included which I believe is only 2. If he gets included in those polls I get his average raises to about 10 or 11 where is actually is.

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