Why Republicans and Democrats Should Vote Libertarian-2016 Edition

The two major parties in the United States are at a crossroad. They have selected the two most polarizing figures in recent history to run for President.  Multiple polls show that voters want something different and would be open to a third option in November.

It just so happens there is a third option in November and they will be on the ballot in all 50 states.  They are the Libertarian Party and they have a guy running under its banner that is not a criminal and is not insane/racist.  His name is Gary Johnson, the former Governor of New Mexico, and everyone should probably Google him for the sake of this country.

In the meantime, Reason T.V. has put together a nice little series of videos that aim to convince both Republicans and Democrats to vote for the Libertarian Party.  No matter your preference, these are useful to the ones that feel lost or misguided in 2016.

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