Breaking News: Governor Gary Johnson Wins the Libertarian Party Nomination for President


Governor Gary Johnson, the former two term governor of the state of New Mexico, has won the nomination for President by the Libertarian Party.  This is the second Presidential election that Gary Johnson will be the party’s nominee for President.

Governor Johnson faced some tough opposition this year from other candidates, but in the end the Libertarian delegates are comfortable enough with his leadership and ability to bring forth the principles of the party to the mainstream public.

The 2016 election will be one of the most important elections this country has ever had. With the unpopularity of both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, the Libertarian Party is in a historic position to make a mark this election.  Gary Johnson will now sell his platform to the American people and gain enough attention to get into the Presidential debates later this fall. He will be able to pull voters from both parties and put the Libertarians on a footing to make a historic showing in the 2016 election.

Update to the Story

Breaking News: The Libertarian Party delegates have elected Governor William Weld for Vice President!

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