Austin Petersen Scores Mary Matalin Endorsement…Is it Enough to Put Him Over the Top?

Libertarian Presidential candidate Austin Petersen appeared on the Glenn Beck program this morning to talk with Glenn and announce a big endorsement of his campaign.

Mary Matalin, the former Republican operative, who switched to the Libertarian Party a few weeks ago, has endorsed the Austin Petersen campaign.

The biggest question that will come out of this endorsement will be whether or not it gets mainstream media play.  Right now Governor Johnson has consumed the national media coverage, but only time will tell if a Matalin endorsement is enough to propel Petersen into the national spotlight.

Mr. Petersen had been holding this endorsement for days and making his supporters wait for the big announcement. Petersen believes this endorsement will be a game changer just before the Libertarian National Convention this weekend. Governor Gary Johnson, the presumptive nominee, is hoping to take the nomination home quickly, but Petersen is ready to put up a fight. He has been gaining more attention in recent months and has really propelled his campaign following the exit of Ted Cruz from the Republican race.

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