Governor Gary Johnson: The Libertarian Necessary for The United States

Republican presidential candidate and former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson walks away from a campaign stop in Concord, New Hampshire, August 23, 2011. REUTERS/Brian Snyder (UNITED STATES - Tags: POLITICS ELECTIONS) - RTR2Q8YC

The 2016 election cycle has brought together a slate of candidates across different political spectrum’s. With the hatred and vile coming from people like Donald Trump on the Republican side, or the shady dealings and career of Hillary Clinton on the Democratic side, this 2016 election is sure to be a circus.

On the Libertarian side there are a slate of candidates seeking that parties nomination this month in Orlando.  Of the top three candidates running for the Libertarian’s (Governor Gary Johnson, Software developer John McAfee, and Libertarian Republic founder Austin Petersen) it is a hard choice to make in regards to who should be the nominee of the Libertarian Party.

The Libertarian Party has the opportunity to change the landscape of American politics like we haven’t seen since the election of Abraham Lincoln in 1860.  Never have the leading candidates of the two major parties had such a high disapproval and unlike-ability ratings. The opening is here for a third political party to garner the attention of the American electorate.

A recent poll by Monmouth University included Governor Gary Johnson as a place-holder in a three way match up with Trump and Clinton, and the Governor polled an impressive 11%.  Johnson in 2012 barley garnered 1% of the vote.

Here at The Libertarian Vindicator I sifted through the choices & even conducted interviews with two of the three leading candidates for the Libertarian nomination.  (You can see those here: Austin Petersen & Gary Johnson: I also have an interview in the works with John McAfee but he hasn’t gotten back at the time of this posting).

After careful consideration I have come to a conclusion on who should be the nominee of the Libertarian Party and that is Governor Gary Johnson of New Mexico.

Governor Johnson, in my opinion, has the necessary experience, having been elected to a high position in the United States, to lead the Libertarian Party to victory in November.  This is a critical election year for America’s largest third party, and with the disdain that the American people have right now with their current choices, Gary Johnson brings a fresh new perspective to the political fray in this country.  He offers a new take on the issues that we face as a country, and has the ability to attract dis-enfranchised Republicans and Democrats.

The Governor just received an important endorsement from a third party expert, and publisher of Ballot Access News, Richard Winger.  In this endorsement Winger explains,

“For the first time in decades, the media, commentators and, indeed, voters are taking a serious look at ‘third party’ options. The realities of ballot access and election law make it clear that the Libertarian nominee for President will be the likely ‘third’ option in November.”

“That reality makes it more important than ever that voters have a credible and experienced third party candidate on the ballot. A successful two-term Governor, Gary Johnson will be that candidate, and I am pleased to support his candidacy.”

“The time has never been better to disrupt the two-party stranglehold, and Gary Johnson has the very real potential to do just that.”

Richard Winger is correct that this is an important moment for the third party movement; and especially the Libertarian Party.  I contacted Mr. Winger for comment on how Gary Johnson will do the most for the Libertarian Party when it comes to ballot access.  According to Winger, Johnson gives us the best chance of achieving on-going status in some states where the Libertarians have never had it.  “With 2%, we could be a qualified party for the first time in Iowa and Kentucky, and with 1% in Connecticut (but for president only for the 2020 election).  We have never done that in any of those 3 states.”

As for the issues, reducing the size of government is currently the biggest issue that needs to be brought front and center in this Presidential election.  Currently neither major party is talking about this issue. We have a $19 Trillion debt that was created by both the Republicans and Democrats, and with a Libertarian like Gary Johnson in the White House we can see the days of prosperity return in the United States.  As Governor of New Mexico he reduced the size of government and saw the largest expansion of New Mexico’s economy during his two terms.  He has the experience needed to reign in the out of control spending happening in Washington.

The other Libertarian candidates are good people and would make a better President then Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton.  However, the problem with John McAfee is not his name recognition (that is a plus), but rather his shady past will be off putting to a lot of people in this country.  Drug use, drug addiction, DUI’s, wanted for murder in Belize, etc. I am not sure that will go over well in a general election.   Austin Petersen is a dynamic candidate that brings in new people to the Liberty movement, but he needs to grow up just a little bit.  Elias Atienza, a contributor to Petersen’s own website, the Libertarian Republic, spells out his candidacy beautifully:

His speaking in a “series of bumper stickers” as Kennedy puts it, makes him appear scripted. His constant falling back on Ron Paul makes him appear as if he is somehow the second coming of Paul. He isn’t. The simple fact is that Austin relies on the legacy of others to make his case. Which isn’t necessarily bad. It’s not wrong to fall on the wisdom of Dr. Paul and the Founders. It’s bad when that’s all you have to fall back on.

Gary Johnson has the proven record necessary to be his own man, and not rely on the legacies of others to propel him to the Presidency.  He proved that as a Governor and has since proven that as a Presidential candidate.

Robert Sarvis, the leading Libertarian Presidential candidate for vote totals lent even more credibility to Johnson’s campaign for President with this statement:

“Only Gary Johnson has the resume, the experience, and the credibility to combine with our party’s inspiring message of peace, prosperity, and freedom.”
“He has a fundamentally libertarian outlook and a track record of furthering libertarian goals in office. He has a realistic and likeable approach to politics that attracts open-minded voters to a libertarian message. And he has the kind of credibility that cannot be bought or faked, that can only be earned through admirable personal and professional achievements.”

We need principled leadership in the Libertarian Party, and in Washington. Governor Gary Johnson provides the party and the country with that leadership.  He will reduce the size of government.  He will allow the American people to live their lives without government interference.  He will protect our Civil Liberties at all costs.  He will end the War on Drugs.  He let the free market run wild and bring us into a new ear of prosperity.

Check out his stance on the issues and learn more about this great man.  Visit GaryJohnson2016.com and become apart of the movement!


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